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Maxforce Pro Roach Killer Bait Gel (Hydramethylnon)

Maxforce Professional Roach Gel with Hydramethylnon kills roaches by ingestion and contact, and spreads from roach to roach to kill even the roaches you don't see. Maxforce Roach Gel has a slower kill than the Fipronil (Maxforce FC) formulation, but the delay allows the poison to spread more thoroughly through the roach population. Each box contains 4 x 30 gram tubes of bait.

We provide 1 Plunger PER ORDER to expel the bait from the tubes.  You can purchase extra plungers or you can purchase a bait gun for use with this product. We recommend using the Masterline Professional Bait Gun.

Very slim part of tip must be snipped off to open the tube.

See our entire selection of roach bait products for additional options

How Maxforce Pro Roach Killer Bait Gel Works

New Maxforce Roach Killer Bait Gel is simply irresistible to roaches. When other baits won't attract aberrant-feeding roaches, Maxforce Roach Bait Gel will. In side-by-side comparisons, Maxforce Roach Bait Gel outperformed competing brands. With a proprietary formula developed by Bayer, the new gel attracts and kills both finicky and normal roaches — even when sanitation is poor and other food sources are available. Maxforce Roach Bait Gel provides long residual and fast control of even large roaches.

Maxforce's exclusive Domino Effect delayed killing action enables one contaminated roach to kill many others where they live and breed. A foraging roach will receive a lethal dose from a single feeding, but lives long enough to return to the harborage where its poisoned feces are consumed by other roaches. It's all possible with Hydramethylnon, the active ingredient in Maxforce Roach Gel. Hydramethylnon is a metabolic inhibitor (in a group of pesticides called trifluoromethyl aminohydrazones) with a unique delayed-action property to maximize control of ant and roach populations. This causes the target pest to have decreased energy, lethargy, and the inability to perform basic life-sustaining functions such as feeding and grooming. Symptoms are delayed, with death typically occurring within 24 to 72 hours.

About the Maxforce Domino Effect
Our control formula gives you superior long-term control of roaches compared to contact sprays. The active ingredient, Hydramethylnon, provides a unique mode of action that works through both ingestion and contact, knocking down roaches and ants that eat or simply touch the bait. Either way, one contaminated roach or ant kills many others where they live and breed. The Domino Effect achieves population control with this roach gel bait with hydramethylnon. Maxforce Pro Roach has a slower kill than the fipronil formulations (Maxforce FC), but it is found to spread more thoroughly through the roach population for a better secondary kill.

Target Pests

Roaches, including American, Brown-banded, German, Oriental, Smoky Brown

PESTS CONTROLLED: Cockroaches including German Roaches, Brown-Banded Roaches, American Roaches, Smokey-Brown Roaches, and Oriental Roaches

Target Uses

Maxforce FC Roach Bait Gel is labeled for both indoor and outdoor use, including commercial kitchens. Maxforce Roach Bait Gel has USDA authorization for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. What's more, you can use Maxforce Gel in residential food processing areas without covering food preparation surfaces during treatment. It's also fine to use in occupied rooms of hospitals, nursing homes and extended care facilities.

Maxforce Pro Roach Killer Bait Gel can be used for virtually any roach infestation, but it should not be used solely as a preventative measure. The slower-acting Hydramethylnon makes this bait ideal for low-level infestations or situations that may have remained stagnant for long periods of time. Be sure to eliminate competing food and water sources for best results when using baits.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Hydramethylnon 2.15%

Application Instructions

Apply Maxforce Pro Roach Killer Bait Gel as a spot or crack and crevice treatment indoors and outdoors. Application rate is dependent on level of infestation and species to be controlled. Bait can be applied as spots or as a bead in cracks and crevices. The lower application rate should be used for low to moderate infestations or re-treatments and the higher rate for more severe infestations or where the population occurs in inaccessible areas, such as in walls. Gel placements should be at or near harborages or aggregation areas, such as corners, areas of movement or cracks and crevices. Numerous smaller placements will provide faster control than fewer larger spots, especially for German cockroach control.

Pest population reduction will be apparent within a week or less.

Unscrew the black cap (or break off the tip) and replace with included open tip before use. After use, replace the black cap before storage.

Maxforce Roach Killer Bait Gel may be placed into refillable bait stations designed for interior or exterior/perimeter use; when placing bait in the station, do not exceed the capacity of the station’s reservoir. Close bait station securely after application. Inspect placements and reapply as needed.

***Always read the product label completely before use.

Each box of 4 x 30 g tubes yields approximately 120 bait placements.

Standard Application Rates:

*1-2 spots about the size of the gel syringe cap or 1.5” – 3” bead: Moderate infestations or retreats for German or Brown-banded roaches

*2-4 spots about the size of the gel syringe cap or 3” – 6” bead: Severe or heavy infestations for German or Brown-banded roaches

*Spot sizes ¼ - ½ g (actual size syringe cap): Large roaches such as American, Smokey-brown, or Oriental

For use in the following areas:

Indoors and outdoors in residential areas and the non-food/non-feed areas of institutional, warehousing and commercial establishments, including warehouses, restaurants, food processing plants, supermarkets, hospitals, nursing homes, motels, hotels, schools, laboratories, computer facilities, sewers, “aircraft”, buses, boats/ships, trains, pet shops, zoos; food/feed areas of food/feed handling establishments; USDA Federally Inspected meat, poultry, and shell egg grading plants


Following is a general room-by-room placement guide for Maxforce Roach Bait Stations (Exact placement should be based on a complete monitoring and inspection. See our Indoor Roach Control Guide for images.):

Kitchen Bait Station Placements
* Refrigerator: Between refrigerator and nearby appliance, such as the dishwasher
* Sink: Alongside pipe collar where drainpipe enters the wall
* Cupboards: Flush mounted against an upper corner
* Other appliances: Behind microwave, toaster, blender, coffee maker, etc.
* Floor placements: underneath dishwasher and/or oven

Kitchen Gel Placements
* Drawers: Alongside the interior of the door frame
* Cupboards: Underneath selected cupboards where frame meets wall
* Counter: Underneath counter where sink is located
* Fume Hood: Along the inside rear corner of hood (ensure no gel will drip onto stove top)

Bathroom Bait Station Placements
* Toilet: Mounted on upper rear corner of tank
* Lower Cabinets: Flush mounted against an upper corner
* Sink: Alongside pipe collar where drainpipe enters the wall

Bathroom Gel Placements
* Sink: Upward angle into the overflow drain
* Condensation Surfaces: Places where condensation can build up such as the tops of doorframes and medicine cabinets, and alongside decorations

Other Rooms (Indoors) Bait Station Placements
* Closets: Flush mounted against an upper corner
* Appliances: Behind the television, stereo, computer monitor, fish tank, wall clocks, light fixtures, etc.
* Dressers: Flush mounted in corner alongside the interior of the drawer frame
* Furniture: Under base of couch and/or bed where crumbs accumulate
* Utility Room/Area: Underneath hot water heater and/or adjacent to washing machine
* Garage: Flush mounted to door frame where roaches can enter residence

Other Room Gel Placements
* Interior piping: Around all exposed interior pipe channels (such as hot water heater inlet)

Food/Feed Handling Establishments: Treatment is limited to crack and crevice treatment only. Place applicator tip 1/2 inch into cracks, crevices, holes and other small openings where roaches may be a problem. Apply small amounts of gel per spot. Do not apply bait to areas where food/feed, utensils or processing surfaces may become contaminated. Do not apply bait to areas that are routinely washed such as cracks and crevices in tops of tables, food/feed preparation and prepared food holding surfaces as bait may be removed by washing. Apply bait in small amounts between different elements of construction, between equipment and floors, openings leading into voids and hollow spaces in floors, walls, ceilings, equipment legs and bases, around plumbing pipes, doors and windows, behind and under refrigerators, cabinets, sinks, closets, stoves and other equipment where cockroaches hide. Inspect bait placements and reapply as necessary.


Place in areas adjacent to structures where roaches may rest or breed. Apply bait to potential points of insect entry, such as eaves, sills, and expansion joints. Apply bait in protected areas whenever possible. Environmental stresses such as direct sunlight and water will reduce the residual effectiveness. Priority treatment areas may be identified by visual inspection of such areas listed above or aided by trapping techniques or spot flushing.

Outdoor Gel Placements:
* Rain Gutters: Apply in seam between rain gutters and roof
* Attic and Soffit Vents: Between air vent holes
* Siding: Under siding/molding
* Exposed pipes: Around all exterior pipe collars or where pipe enters wall
* Also: In brick weep holes, in window cracks and crevices, around decks and stairs, around the intake vents of air conditioning units

Maxforce Pro Roach Killer Bait Gel Features

  • Domino Effect works through ingestion and contact in hard-to-reach and inaccessible areas.
  • Contains unique bait matrix.
  • Effective residual of up to 1 year or until bait is completely consumed.
  • Better secondary kill.
  • Ideal for sensitive environments.

Extra Tips

  • Inject Maxforce roach killer bait gel directly into small cracks, crevices and voids that harbor roaches.
  • Smaller, more frequent gel placements provide faster control than larger, less frequent placements.
  • Store Maxforce Gel in a moderate temperature range. The gel will start to liquefy at temperatures below -10 degrees or above 140 degrees Fahrenheit. When returned to moderate temperature, the gel will regain its normal consistency with no lost effectiveness.
  • Gel may stain textiles and some porous surfaces. Place gel directly into cracks and crevices or hard-to-see areas where a stain will not cause a problem.
  • Use within 2 years of purchase. Use a tube within 1 year of opening.
  • Apply bait away from air currents to prevent drying. Avoid placement on paper, cardboard, or other porous surfaces such as unsealed concrete.
  • Do not use sprays, heavy detergents or cleaners near baits as this can make baits less attractive to roaches.
  • Sanitation should always be the top priority when treating for roaches! See our article How to Get Rid of Roaches for more information.
  • Good programs rotate baits to avoid resistance. Change baits every few months or alternate with different bait (and different active ingredients) for best results.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • 40 of 43 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Results are amazing.
    By Terry on 09/05/2008

    I worked in a Nashville, TN restaurant as a manager for a few years (2000-2006). One of our locations was infested with roaches. After Termin----, etc etc would come in and spray, the roaches came out everywhere! Terrible for business, terrible on our health department reports. After 3 years I got so frustrated with this problem and so worried I might start bringing them home with me, I did some Internet research. I read about Maxforce Pro Roach Killer Bait Gel and asked the general manager if we could please try this. He said we were not allowed to do our own pest control (apply it ourselves) as a health department rule. So I talked to our pest control company and I can't remember their name or I would use it here, and they said yes they had heard of Maxforce and he would start using it in our restaurant. Within 2 months we couldn't find a roach if we tried. Two months may sound like a lot of time but considering the size of our restaurant and the huge infestation we had, that was a miracle. I am now out of the restaurant business and live on a farm in Texas 2008. I have no idea how, but after living here for over a year we now have roaches in our house! Even with all the restaurants I worked in that had roach problems I managed to never bring them home. It brings back nightmares. So I now am going to purchase this product to bait my farmhouse. I can't wait until the product arrives and I already know the results will be amazing.

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  • 32 of 35 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Highly recommend
    By S.r. on 09/19/2008

    I am so glad you exist. I use to work at a pest control company and know what products work and how to use them properly, so I object to paying out the nose for a contract somewhere. Thanks. I highly recommend this product Maxforce Pro Roach Killer Bait Gel.

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  • 27 of 28 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Great stuff!
    By Cg on 10/30/2008

    My daughter's boyfriend gave us a tube of the MaxForce Pro Roach Killer Gait Gel being that we had a problem with roaches. After using fogs and other roach bait nothing seemed to get rid of them all. Thanks to my daughter's boyfriend we used the MaxForce and saw some results a couple of days later when we saw that they had come out and had died on the floor. This is some great stuff you are selling. Please don't ever stop cause if I ever need you again I know where to come to order it. Thanks Again, Happy Customer In South Carolina

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  • 23 of 26 people found this review helpful:

    4 of 5 stars  It did kill some roaches.....
    By Craig in Universal City, tx on 06/12/2010
    Verified Purchase

    It did kill some roaches. But not all of them. Maybe I need to buy more.

    Expert Response   Expert response:
    In a very bad infestation it is important to use a variety of products.  If the infestation is out of control before you start to treat, the problem is that the roaches can reproduce almost faster than they die.  To slow down the reproduction cycle you should use an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) with the roach gel.  Also, the roach gel will only work if you do not leave out other food to compete with it.  You must take out trash at night, sweep floors, do not leave any dirty dishes in sinks at night, etc.

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  • 20 of 20 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  This product works!!
    By Amer on 09/08/2008
    Verified Purchase

    This product works! I've spent hundreds of dollars on roach foggers, bait and sprays from Home Depot & Lowes and nothing worked. After using Maxforce Pro Roach Killer Bait Gel I noticed a lot less roaches in my kitchen in about 2 weeks and almost none in about 3 to 4 weeks. I also wanted to thank everyone on here for writing reviews about this product (and others) and the knowledgeable staff that recommended this product to me.

    Was this review helpful to you?  Yes No

Most Recent Customer Reviews
  • 1 of 5 stars  maxforce roach killer
    By N.u in LA, CA on 07/29/2016

    The item came on time but I really have a problem whether it is the original maxforce I use to buy. This maxforce is just like water, does not kill roaches, even when I put the roach inside the bait.

    Expert Response   Expert response:
    Misusing product. contacting customer

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Max force pro roach killer
    By Virginia in Kinston nc on 06/29/2016

    It works just one time use its amazing love it

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Maxforce Pro Roach Killer Bait Gel Review
    By James in Suitland, Md. on 05/21/2016

    Exceeded My Expectation!

    Was this review helpful to you?  Yes No

  • 5 of 5 stars  DIY Pest Control
    By Carolyn in Orlando, FL on 01/21/2016

    I highly recommend this product. Living in Florida we fight bug infestation and this product delivers the continued protection from unwanted pests.

    Was this review helpful to you?  Yes No

  • 1 of 1 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Worked Instantly
    By Brett in Sunbury on 12/07/2015

    worked great, highly recommended

    Was this review helpful to you?  Yes No

  • 3 of 3 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  My maxforce experience
    By Margarette in Dorchester on 11/24/2015

    I had so much coach roaches in my kitchen, my bathrooms, my bedroom. I didn't know what to do. I Google for help with roaches safely and found this life saver company here. Now we have no more roaches. I bought a pack for my dad's house. I want to see how that's going to go. But this has been the best decision I've made.

    Was this review helpful to you?  Yes No

  • 1 of 1 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Omg yes
    By Alicia in Boron on 11/11/2015

    I think this is better than the one my exterminator has. I lined every crack and have been watching them drop 2 weeks later. I found my new product!! Ty ty

    Was this review helpful to you?  Yes No

  • 0 of 1 people found this review helpful:

    1 of 5 stars  Maxforce Roach killer
    By Frankquisha in Tallulah, La on 10/22/2015

    I have used the product and it didn't work my home is still infested so I will have to try another product because it did not kill anything. I am disappointed with the product.

    Expert Response   Expert response:
    We are sorry to hear that you did not receive the expected results. You have only been treating for a very short time. Moderate to heavy roach populations can take months to get rid of. Roach infestations do not build up quickly and they are usually not eliminated quickly. The Maxforce bait that you selected is a very slow acting product and it is not unusual to not see dead roaches because they often die in the same places that they nest and these places are usually inaccessible. Please take a few minutes to read over our How to Treat for Roaches Guide to learn how to implement a successful roach control program. Bait is a step in the right direction but roach control programs are a mix of the right insecticides, baits and non-chemical practices. Our guide will explain all of this in easy to follow instructions, step by step videos and graphics as well as help tips. Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can be of further assistance. You can reach via email or phone 1-866-581-7378

    Was this review helpful to you?  Yes No

  • 1 of 1 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  no more pests!
    By Anthony in Uvalde, Texas on 06/29/2015
    Verified Purchase

    So grateful that I found this product online ..... My wife and I had tried so many different chemicals and nothing worked. We had called pest control to come out and it was going to cost us 150 dollars a month for three months, when I found Maxforce and gave it a shot ..... My wife was ecstatic it worked the first night the German roaches started eating it right away and by morning all we had to do was vacuum up the dead pests !

    Was this review helpful to you?  Yes No

  • 3 of 3 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars   Maxforce Pro
    By Fay in simpsonville SC on 04/26/2015
    Verified Purchase

    Best thing since sliced bread. Works and works quickly. Be sure and do a follow up. they drop those little sac things and if you don't do a follow up you can be right back where you started.

    Was this review helpful to you?  Yes No

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