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Hyperion Advanced Mist Concentrate
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Hyperion Advanced Mist Concentrate kills stable flies, mosquitoes, and small flying moths through contact with a 3 day residual activity

Azera Insecticide
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A professional organic contact insecticide offers control of soft-bodied and hard-bodied insects for organic production for quick kill of crop damaging insects by direct contact and ingestion.

CrossFire Aerosol
Multiple sizes available
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A bed bug insecticide to kill even pyrethroid-resistant bed bug strains.

OMRI Natural Insect Control Kit
5 out of 5 stars (1)
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OMRI listed products that controls insects while complying with the USDA Natural Organic Program Rule.

PyGanic Gardening
5 out of 5 stars (2)
Multiple sizes available
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OMRI Listed organic insecticide used for organic gardening.

Troika Misting Concentrate
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Water-based misting concentrate designed for use in automatic spraying systems. For getting rid of flying insects around animals.

EverGreen Pro 60-6
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A multi-purpose insecticide that is for use on growing crops in greenhouses, ornamentals, stored products, livestock and more.

Pramex Mosquito Net
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Multiple sizes available
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Mosquito bed net pre-treated with permethrin insecticide to repel mosquitoes and made for one. Comes in size for two as well.