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Mojave 70 EG

With a single time application, Mojave 70 EG herbicide delivers bareground vegetation control of 150 species of weeds, perennial and annual grasses. Application can be done before or after emergence to eliminate weeds in one season. Mojave 70 EG also can be used additionally with other bareground products. It is a dispersible granule that needs to be mixed with surfactant and water and applied to areas for complete bareground such as railroads, along fences, highway rights-of-way, farmyards, utility plant sites, petroleum tank farms, and  non-irrigation ditchbanks. Initial application prevents new weeds from appearing, thus eliminating the need for more than one application. Weeds under paved surfaces can also be terminated using Mojave 70 EG.

Always use a surfactant for post-emergent applications.

Mojave 70 EG controls over 150 species of annual and perennial grasses, broadleaf weeds and vines including but not limited to.

Grasses- Bermudagrass, Cheat, Dallisgrass, Johnsongrass, Quackgrass, Saltgrass, Vaseygrass

Broadleaf weeds- Chickweed, Clover, Dogfennel, Kochia, Lambsquarters, Pigweed Foxtail, Russian Thistle, Silverleaf Nightshade, Stinging Nettle, Yellow Star Thistle, Morning Glory

Vines -Field Bindweed, Kudzu, Virginia Creeper

All handlers must wear

  • Long sleeve shirt and pants
  • Shoes and socks
  • Chemical- resistant gloves made of any waterproof material
  • Chemical-resistant apron when mixing
  • A NIOSH-approved dust/mist filtering respirator with any N2,R, P, or HE filter or a NIOSH approved dust/mist filtering respirator with approval number prefix TC-21C

For annual weed control, preferably apply either at late pre-emergence to early post-emergence for best results. For perennial weed control, it must be applied post-emergence to the target weed, since it will not control non-emerged perennial weeds. For maximum effect, weeds should be growing vigorously at the time of post-emergence application and the spray solution should include a surfactant. To achieve the desired residual control with increasing rainfall amounts, higher rate of Mojave 70 EG should be applied.

As a general guideline the Mojave 70 EG rates listed below are recommended for different annual rainfall amounts. Actual use rates will vary depending upon the lenght of residual control desired, weed pressure and environmental conditions.

Average Annual Rainfall in Inches/Rate per acre

  • Less than 15 inches - 7 to 10 pounds
  • Between 15 and 35 inches - 8 to 13 pounds
  • Greater than 35 inches - 13 to 19 pounds

For initial applications, apply at 5 to 6 pounds per acre in combination with another herbicide.

Avoid applications to powdery-dry soil or sand soils when there is little likelihood of rainfall soon after treatment, since subsequent off-target movement of treated soil by water and/or wind may cause damage to adacent desirable plants or crops.

For control of undesirable weeds under paved surfaces, Mojave 70 EG may be used under asphalt, pond liners and other paved areas. However, it can ONLY be used in industrial site or where the pavement has a suitable barrier along the perimeter that prevents encroachment of roots of desirable plants.

It must be mixed with at least 100 gallons of water per acre.

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