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Monterey Horticultural Oil

Monterey Horticultural Oil is a natural insectcide for control of aphids, whiteflies, mites, mealy bugs, and other garden pests on citrus trees, vine crops, and vegetables. This horticultural oil is petroleum based, colorless, and non-staining, and has no temperature restrictions unlike other oils that can scorch plants in hot weather. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other insecticide treatments.

Brandt TriTek is the same product but with a different name and is available in 2.5 gallon size. 

Natural Fungicide, Insecticide and Miticide.

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06/26/2013 Darren from Newark, Nj

QCan the Monterey Horticultural Oil be used in a thermal fogger?
I'm trying to find a deodorized oil base to mix my pesticide with to use with my thermal fogger. I was told never to use any water based chemicals in a thermal fogger. Any suggestions?

AThe Monterey Horticultural Oil cannot be used in a fogger according to the product label. You may want to check with the manufacturer of the pesticide you are going to use to see if what product they recommend mixing it with, or if you can use the oil based pesticide undiluted in your thermal fogger. You are definitely correct that you cant use water based chemicals in a thermal fogger as this would be similar to pouring water in the gas tank of your car. Please let us know if you have any other questions and we apologize we couldn't offer more information for your needs.

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03/19/2014 Judy from Lompoc, California

QCan I use Monterey Horticultural Oil in an Ortho Dial end sprayer and if I can how much do I use?
What do i set the dial at. I want to spray Roses for pests and diseases.

AThe Monterey Horticultural Oil should be able to be used in most spray equipment including hose end sprayers. We do not carry the Ortho Dial sprayer so we cannot tell you what setting you should put it on other than whatever will give you the correct dilution ratio the label suggest you use for the diease you are trying to prevent against or treat for. Please check the Product Label for specific usasge instructions. 

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06/25/2015 Beverly from Three Bridges, Nj

QWhat dormant oil product can I safely use on conifers and dwarf conifers for dormant spray of scale
I have some scale on pines (mugo, leucodermis, nigra, cembra). What dormant oil product do you recommend that may be applied to these pines in dormant season. Some labels on products omit pines.

AWe would recommend using Monterey Horticultural Oil. It is labeled for scale on various types of trees, including conifers. You will use 2.5 - 5.0 tablespoons per gallon of water. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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03/16/2014 James

QI want the 1 gallon size of Monterey Horticultural Oil.

AWe carry the Monterey Horticultural Oil in a one gallon size container and offer free shipping. Please contact us at 866.581.7378 to place your order.

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01/21/2016 Carrie from Inverness, Ca

QIs it normal for Monterey Horticultural Oil to be white in color?
It had a very strong chemical odor, surprising for mineral oil. The safety precautions are extensive for an organic non-toxic product. What else is in it?


Yes, the Monterey Horticultural Oil is white. The active ingredient is 80% mineral oil, and it contains petroleum distillates. If you have any specific questions regarding the formulation, we would recommend contacting the manufacturer directly. Their phone number is 559-499-2100.

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