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Monterey All Natural Snail and Slug Spray RTU
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A combination of naturally occurring plants and oils that are toxic to snails and slugs.

Monterey Garden Insect Spray
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A biological insecticide that controls insects for organic gardening, lawns, ornamental plants and trees.

Monterey Lady Bug Attractant
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Attracts both lady bugs and lacewings that feed on aphids, whiteflies, mite an other garden pests.

Monterey Sequestar Iron 6% 3-0-0
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Water soluble granules that is used to prevent and correct iron deficiencies in trees, shrubs, and other plants.

Monterey Spider Traps
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Chemical-free method of spider control.

Monterey Bloom & Root Plant Food 10-52-8
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A water soluble fertilizer plus chelated micro-nutrients that promotes growth in vegetables and ornamental plants.

Monterey Epsom Salts
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Contains Magnesium Sulfate that is a key nutrient for plants that is absorbed through the roots to help produce chlorophyll and promotes blooms in roses and other flowering plants.

Monterey Fruit Tree Spray Plus RTS
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AN all-in-one fungicide, insecticide, and miticide that will prevent and control diseases, insects, and mites on fruits, vegetables, turf-grass, flowers and shrubs.

Monterey Tomato Blossom Spray RTU
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A fertilizer that increases the blossom sets of tomatoes and decreases the chances of blossom end rot.

Monterey Go Die Gopher Bait II
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An effective pocket gopher bait and eliminator for underground application that does not require the use of traps or other equipment.

Monterey Termite and Carpenter Ant Control
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Fast-acting liquid insecticide that controls termites, carpenter ants, and other home and lawn invading insects.

Monterey Weed Impede 2 in 1 RTU
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A Ready-To-Use spray that controls both existing weeds and goes into the soil to prevent weeds from emerging.

Monterey Dr. Iron
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Granular supplement that helps in correcting iron deficiency on lawns, plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetables and more.

Monterey B.T. Ready - to - Spray Insecticide
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A ready-to-spray biological insecticide that effectively controls and kills worm and caterpillar-type pests on flowers, vegetables, shade trees and ornamental crops and plants.

Monterey Garden Insect Spray RTS
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A hose-end ready-to-spray and easy to use insecticide that eliminates a wide range of outdoor pests on lawns, fruit trees, vegetables and more.

Monterey Garden Insect Spray RTU
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A natural and organic insecticide that controls insect pests in your lawn or organic gardening.

Monterey Indoor Fly Trap (4 pack)
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A sticky trap that will effectively catch house flies, cluster flies, blow flies, and garbage flies.

Monterey Turf and Ornamental Insect Spray RTS
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Ready-to-spray garden hose-end insecticide that is perfect for killing insects on turf and ornamental plants.

Monterey Blue Pond Dye WSB
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An aquatic blue pond dye in a water soluble bag (WSB) that is designed for ponds, fountains, lakes and lagoons.

Monterey Bug Buster-O
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Organic plant insecticide that provides rapid knockdown of more than 100 insects and is ORMI Listed.

Monterey Citrus Leafminer Trap and Lure
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Effective trapping system that eradicates damaging citrus leafminers for all citrus trees.

Monterey Dr. Iron Liquid 15-0-0
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A liquid plant fertilizer that promotes rapid turf green-up and dark green color on lawns and ornamental plants.

Monterey Foli-Cal RTU
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Corrects calcium deficiency in tomatoes, peppers, apples and other crops.

Monterey Houseplant Insect Spray
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An insect spray that will eliminate flying and crawling insects both inside and outside the home for houseplants to ornamental plants.