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Monterey Nematode Control

Monterey Nematode Control is used to control plant parasitic nematodes in home gardens and lawns. This pest control application uses a naturally occurring material called saponins. Saponins are detergents found in many plants, and Monterey Nematode Control uses saponins from the bark of the Quillaja tree found in South America. Saponins have been found to have rapid working action, with repellent and deterrent action, cause digestive problems, and cellular toxicity. You can Monterey Nematode Control for pre-plantings and for existing plants, including berries, citrus, grapes, nut trees, cucurbit crops, cole crops, most vegetables, ornamentals, and lawns.

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Monterey Nematode Control is a concentrate that is easily mixed with water and applied with band or broadcast type sprayers. After mixing with water, apply solution within three hours of mixing. Irrigate area to be treated before application. After application has been made it may be necessary to water with either drip or above ground sprinklers. Do not over irrigate following application of Nematode Control. Over irrigation will move the desired concentration of Nematode Control too quickly past the targeted root zone.

If applied in heavy rainfall areas, avoid application during rain or when rain is forecasted within the next 24 hours that may exceed movement of the Nematode Control past targeted root zone.

Application Rates for Control of Nematodes

Monterey Nematode Control lessens the damage caused by nematodes. To control/suppress plant parasitic nematodes, apply Monterey Nematode Control to the full irrigated area using the application rate listed.

For around trees, apply from tree trunk to dripline to cover at least 50% of soil area or the area under the canopy of the tree, whichever is greatest. Single applications should be made in the spring just prior to or during root flush, and again in the fall after harvest.

For best results, multiple applications may be made in the spring every 7 to 14 days for up to 10 weeks, followed by a single application in the fall after harvest.

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02/18/2013 Gary from Ft Myers,fl

QHow many square feet will a quart of Monterey Nematode Control cover?
how do you use it?

AOne quart of Monterey Nematode Control will cover 3,500 sq ft -4,000 sq ft depending on the area you are using the product. Please refer to the Monterey Nematode Control product label for full usage instructions. 

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09/04/2013 Clare from Houston, Tx 77072

QWill this kill nematodes in the soil after plants are pulled out?
I have billions. Roots are coming out of soil with ping pong ball sized cauliflower looking roots. In self watering containers and in 2 different vegetable beds. Never had one before. I need serious help.

AWe do not have a lot of experience with parasitic nematodes and we do not want to give you incorrect information. We recommend you call the manufacturer directly regarding use of this product in your situation. Youc an reach Monterey by calling 559-499-2100.

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12/01/2015 Steve from Palm City, Fl

QDo you have a product to control nematodes in a garden with vegetables?
I'm growing mostly peppers and tomatoes but the nematodes are a major problem.


Monterey Nematode Control is used to control plant parasitic nematodes in home gardens and lawns. Please refer to the product label for complete mixing and application instructions.

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