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Bird Feeder Poles
Bird Feeder Poles

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Hiatt Manufacturing Clamp On Deck Hook For Bird Feeders (38015)
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A multi-purpose hook that securely hangs your gorgeous decors or bird feeders.

Panacea Black Forged Straight Hook For Bird Feeders
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A heavy-duty six inches straight hook.

Panacea Black Double J Hook (89409)
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A J-shaped hook on both ends that you can use to hang your bird feeders, planters, ornament, and many more.

Rainbow Gardman Hi - Lo Adjustable Hanger For Hanging Baskets (779)
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A lowering and raising device for your gorgeous hanging baskets.

Panacea Black Branch Hook For Bird Feeders 18 in. (83075)
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A heavy-duty eighteen inches hook.

Ancient Graffiti Twig Wire Hook Triple (AG1023)
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Ancient Graffiti Twig Wire Hook Triple is a unique twig-like triple wire hook that is made from sturdy material and you can use it to hang your coats, robes, etc.

Panacea Black Deluxe Four Way Feeding Station 90 in. (83170)
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A decorative four-way feeding station that measures 90-inch.

Heath Mounting Plate for Bird Houses (BP15)
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A mounting plate perfect for Redwood Martin bird houses, easy to install to your post.

Heritage Farms Universal Pole Kit (75860)
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This pole kit can replace your old ones or just add another set for your new feeders!

Ancient Graffiti Twig Wire Hook (AG1010)
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Ancient Graffiti Twig Wire Hook is a great and functional twig-like wire hook that can be used indoors or outdoors and it will give a nice touch to your home.

Hookery S - Hook 6 in. (RS6)
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Perfect to hang your potted plants, flowers and backyard ornaments.

Panacea Black Forged Curved Hook
5 out of 5 stars (1)
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All round hook for all your household needs.

Woodlink Slot n Pin Double Horizontal Rail Deck Clamp (SP8)
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A sturdy double horizontal rail deck clamp with a powder-coat finish.

Woodlink Slot N Pin Shepherd Hook For Bird Feeders 36 in. (SP9)
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A 36 inch hook that is perfect for your hanging garden arts.

Droll Yankees Giant Bird Seed Tray with Clamp (GS)
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A seed tray perfect for ground-feeding birds and and excellent seed catcher and extra perching space for your beloved birds.

Woodlink Slot n Pin Mounting Platform (SP12)
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A mounting pole with powder coated steel construction that can last for years.

ACHLA Designs Ground Screw for 4 x 4 Post (BGP-20)
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This ACHLA Designs Ground Screw for 4 x 4 Post can stabilize your 4 by 4 post.

Ancient Graffiti Twig Wire Hook Double (AG1022)
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Ancient Graffiti Twig Wire Hook Double is a unique twig-like double wire hook that can be used indoors or outdoors and will give a nice touch to your home.

Droll Yankees Shepherds Envy Pole For Bird Feeders (SEP)
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The perfect pole for your feeder which is best to any outdoor setting.

Easy Lift Hangers Lift Hanger
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The most convenient hanger for you to model your feeders.

Evergreen Enterprises Metal Easel (01137)
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A sturdy, metal easel stand.

Hookery Curved Hanger For Bird Feeders 24 in. (A42)
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A durable hanger which measures 24 inches.

Hookery Straight Hanger with Downturned Hook 12 in. (T16)
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A 12-inch straight hanger with downturned hook.


While providing food for birds is an easy way to enjoy birds, placing the food source in the right place is a very important part of bird feeding that might be overlooked. Mounting your feeders with the proper mounting hardware will make sure your birds are safe and protected. Make sure you’re putting your bird feeders in the proper location. Different types of feeders require different types of mounting and mounting hardware. Tube feeders are traditionally hung on a hook, either on a pole or mounted to a wall. Hopper feeders must be mounted to a post or a railing. Be mindful to place your feeders in a sheltered area to protect birds from weather or predators.

You can purchase all bird feeder mounting hardware here, with free shipping on every order. We carry everything you might need to mount your feeder safely and securely, no matter what type of feeder you have. From poles, brackets, and stands to decorative hooks, you can get all your Birding supplies here.

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