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I Must Garden Goose Repellent
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I Must Garden Goose Repellent is a natural solution to any geese problems you may run into. Geese can cause major headaches, aggressively attacking people and leaving their unhealthy and unsightly poop everywhere, ruining any outdoor activity. That is where I Must Garden's Goose Repellent comes in. After it is sprayed, especially on grass or other feed that the geese are eating, geese are unable to stay in the area, due to the feel of the chemical and the taste of their feed. Being all natural and non-toxic to the geese, I Must Garden Goose Repellent is the most humane way to get rid of geese. With the geese population in the millions, you must be ready to defend you turf from the geese. This also works on ducks and turkeys.

Choose from a quart (32 oz) bottle or gallon (128 oz) jug

Our concentrated formula in the quart size (32 oz) makes 2.5 gallons of repellent and is excellent for covering larger areas.

Product Documents

Simple to use, just spray areas with our goose repellent that are frequented by geese, turkeys and or ducks. Spray areas like lawns, fields, pond/lake edges, golf courses, even sidewalks. Apply at the very first sign of problems before feeding habits are established.

Grass should be cut prior to application. It's not necessary to blow or rake clipping from grass. Apply to dry grass and avoid irrigation to prolong effectiveness. It is best to avoid applying repellent during heat of the day.

May be applied year round as long as temperature is above freezing.

Reapply every 3-4 weeks, or, as necessary, to maintain control.

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    1 of 5 stars  Doesn't repell geese
    By Eric in Patchogue on 08/09/2016

    Complete waste of time and money!!! I applied the product as instructed on the package. Within 2 hours I had over 20 geese all over the lawn eating and resting in the area, that I applied the product. I was told by the company, that it might take 3 or 4 applications, over months, for it to bother the geese enough that they will stop going in that area. It didn't even phase them right after I put it down! It doesn't work...... I was taken...

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02/04/2016 Felix from West Union, Oh

QWhat is the coverage of I Must Garden Goose Repellent?


The concentrated formula ofÂI Must Garden Goose RepellentÂin the quart size (32 oz) makes 2.5 gallons of repellent and is excellent for covering larger areas.Â

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05/01/2016 Carla from Wisconsin

QHow safe is I Must Garden Goose Repellent for pets?
I have a dachshund


I Must Garden Goose Repellent is safe for use around pets and children if it is used as directed. We would recommend keeping your pet out of the area until the product has dried completely. Once it has dried, it is safe for your pet to return to the area.

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