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Pennington Alaska Morbloom 0-10-10
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A natural fertilizer for abundant and colorful flowers, stimulates budding and blooming, root growth and is made from fish.

Pennington Signature Series Tall Fescue Blue Tag with MYCO
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A cool-season grass seed blend that combines the best varieties of tall fescue seed available for commercial and residential use.

Pennington Sun & Shade Penkoted Grass Seed Mixture
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A warm-season sun & shade grass seed mixture that provides the most versatile lawn in sunny to moderately shady lawn areas.

Pennington Professional Select Fairway Supreme Blend 25 lbs.
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A cool-season Ryegrass grass seed designed for commercial and athletic outdoor settings.

Pennington Sunrise Primo Perennial Rye Blue Tag TQ
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A cool-season grass seed that is a perennial rye blend ideal for turf coverage and over-seeding warm-season grasses.

Pennington Slopemaster Spring/Summer Mixture
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A Durana White Clover seed Spring and Summer mixture that provides excellent erosion control.

Pennington Royal Flush Overseeding Blend
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A cool-season Rye-grass grass seed blend will keep lawns green throughout the fall and winter.

Pennington 1 Step Complete Bermudagrass
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A warm-season grass seed with mulch and fertilizer makes it easy to grow a beautiful thick and water-saving Bermuda grass.

Pennington Perennial Rye Shining Star TQ
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A cool-season perennial rye grass seed that is uniform and stable high quality rye-grass and ideal for over-seeding commercial and residential turf.

Pennington Smart Seed Tall Fescue Blend
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A cool-season grass seed blend of tall fescue that produces a beautiful, healthier and fine-textured lawn.

The Rebels Tall Fescue Mix Powder Coated Grass Seed
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A cool-season tall fescue grass seed mix that is designed for general residential lawn use.

Pennington Mohawk Bermuda Hulled Certified Penkoted Seed
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A warm-season grass seed that produces hay production or grazing with a fine leaf texture and superior cold tolerance.

Pennington Pensacola / Annual Ryegrass 67/33 Mix 50 lbs.
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A cool-season grass seed blend of Pensacola Bahiagrass and Annual Rye-grass for a low maintenance lawn.

Pennington Pensacola / Browntop Millet 67/33 Mix 50 lbs.
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A cool-season grass seed mixture of Pensacola Bahiagrass and Browntop Millet for a durable and low maintenance turf.

Pennington Slopemaster Coastal Winter Mixture
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A coastal winter mixture of Durana White Clover seed that is used for quick erosion control and with very low maintenance.