Pennington Rackmaster Deluxe Fall Mixture


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Pennington Rackmaster Deluxe Fall Mixture bag (50 lb)

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Pennington Rackmaster Deluxe Fall Mixture

Pennington Rackmaster Deluxe Fall Mixture contains annual legumes combined with several annual grasses for attracting turkey deer and quail. Rackmaster provides fall mixes that are developed regionally to give the leading plantings in your area that money buys. These mixes can include Arrowleaf clover, Wintergrazer 70 rye, Crimson clover, oats, Austrian winter peas, and wheat. Cool season plots like these are vital for helping your area deer herd build up the carbs needed to stored fat for surviving harsh winter months. Deer that can maintain ideal body conditions through the winter stress season and rut season can mean the distinction in overall management program.

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04/27/2015 Chad from Trinity, Texas

QWhat is the seed label breakdown on the Pennington Fall Deluxe Mix?

AWintergrazer 70 rye, Arrowleaf clover, Crimson clover, wheat, oats, and Austrian winter peas are just a few of the ingredients you may find in the regionally developed in the Pennington Rackmaster Deluxe Fall Mix.

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