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Plant Pro-Tec Dog and Cat Repellent (PP-RDC12)
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Plant Pro-Tec Dog and Cat Repellent (PP-RDC12) is the ideal solution that will help keep animals like cats and dogs from making a mess on and around flowers, shrubs, and lawns. It uses a special combination of natural ingredients such as garlic oil, lemon-grass, citronella, and cinnamon which are proven to repel dogs and cats effectively. The repelling odor may last for 6-8 months and effective even if it rains. It's very easy to use, simply break the barrier to activate, then attach it to a plant, edge of a garden, flower or fence with the clip. Product comes with 12 repellents per bag.

The Repelling Formulation is based on natural oils that are known to repel dogs and cats. What makes Plant Pro-Tec Dog & Cat Repellents unique is their longevity and ease of use.

Releasing the Repelling Odor

The barrier that contains the repelling odor during storage and transport must be broken before the Repellent is attached to a plant or fence. The barrier is broken with a specially designed metal tool (see diagram). A tool is included in each Bag.

Repelling Odor is evident for 6 to 8 months

Once the barrier is broken, the repelling odor will be evident for 6 to 8 months. The longevity of Plant Pro-Tec Repellents is what makes our product unique. The repelling odor lasts a long time because of the cone on the inside of the Repellent. The cone is permeable to the repelling odor but is impermeable to air. In other words, the cone allows the repelling odor out but prevents oxidation of the compounds that make up the repelling odor. Most animals’ sense of smell is greater than ours.

Installing Plant Pro-Tec Repellents

Outdoors, once the barrier is broken, the Repellent can be clipped to an individual plant, clipped at the outer edge of a garden, flower, or shrubbery bed, or clipped on a fence. Repellents can be laid on the ground. Repellents can be clipped to grass at the edge of the lawn. The Repellents should be clipped as close to the soil as practical. The number of Repellents to use depends on the strength of the animal’s habits. For a perimeter, Repellents should be clipped about 4 feet apart, or closer where necessary. Indoors, once the barrier is broken Repellents can be put in areas where dogs or cats are making messes. We recommend that some Repellents be kept in reserve in case the repelling Odor needs to be intensified. Although the Plant Pro-Tec Repellent has a rain shield, we recommend that Repellents be clipped on sideways or upside down to ensure no water gets in. If water gets into the Repellent, it will prevent the repelling odor from escaping. No repelling odor, no repellency! Because of the cone, the formulation can not leak out.

Aversive Conditioning

Aversive conditioning occurs when animals associate the repelling odor with the device. Because of aversive conditioning the animal may stay away for time even after the odor is gone.

Storage & Disposal of Plant Pro-Tec Repellents

Store Repellents in a cool, dry place inaccessible to children and pets. The shelf life of Repellents with the barrier unbroken should be one or more years. To dispose of used or unused Repellents, wrap them in newspaper and discard in trash.

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    5 of 5 stars  Plant Pro-Tec Dog and Cat Repellent (PP-RDC12)
    By Joseph in Terre Haute, IN on 08/25/2015

    Put stakes in to ground leaving 1 inch above ground level so lawnmower would nor cut into them. We have not had any rain in a month so we cant judge effectiveness length until then, but so far so good for keeping away dogs.

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  • 1 of 5 stars  Worthless
    By Jim in Little Rock, AR on 04/11/2016

    Hung all 12 in the package on a chain link fence, after breaking the seals, to keep my dogs and the neighbor dogs away from the fence. My dogs go up to them and sniff them and show no reaction whatsoever. These are not strong enough, or noxious enough to repel anything, Save your money.

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Rrrrruff but purrfect
    By Lyn in Mphs,tn. on 09/18/2016

    Keeps all my kids out the flowerbed.

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  • 1 of 5 stars  Plant Pro Tec Dig & Cat Repellent-1
    By Crystal in Humble, TX on 11/08/2016

    This was a waste of my money. I put a row of the repellant sticks in the area I wanted to keep my dog off of and he just walked all over them! I rate this a 1 star.

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10/01/2016 Luis from Albuquerque

QCan Plant Pro-Tec Dog and Car Repellent be used on indoor plants?


Yes, Plant Pro-Tec Dog and Cat Repellent can be used on indoor plants, It is made of all natural oil ingredients, and would need be attached to the plant somehow like at the pot but it would not damage the plants in any way. Just keep in mind that this product intentionally has odor that may be objectionable for you to use indoors.

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03/23/2016 Simon from Pittsburgh

QCan humans smell the odor emitted by the Plant Pro-Tec Dog and Cat Repellent?


According to the manufacturer of the Plant Pro-Tec Dog and Cat Repellent, people can smell the odor that it emits, but it is not strong or offensive.

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