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Product Name Manufacturer Label Supplement SDS
Maggies Farm Ant and Roach Gel Maggie's Farm  Label    SDS
Maggies Farm Ant Killer 1 oz. Maggie's Farm  Label    SDS
Maggies Farm Carpenter Ant and Insect Killer Maggie's Farm  Label    SDS
Maggies Farm Flea Tick and Mosquito Killer Maggie's Farm  Label    SDS
Maggies Farm No Spill Ant Kill Bait Stations Maggie's Farm  Label    SDS
Maggies Farm Pantry Moth Trap Maggie's Farm  Label    SDS
Maggies Farm Snail, Slug and Insect Bait Maggie's Farm  Label    SDS
Maggies Farm Spider and Insect Dust Maggie's Farm  Label    SDS
Maggies Farm Xpress Insect Bait Granules Maggie's Farm  Label    SDS
Magnesium Chelate 3% Growth Products  Label    SDS
Magnetic Roach Bait Nisus  Label    SDS
Magnify Activator Penetrant Monterey Lawn & Garden  Label    SDS
Magus Miticide Gowan  Label    SDS
Mainsail 6F Fungicide PROKoZ Inc.  Label  Supplement  SDS
Maki Bait Pellets Place Pack Lipha Tech  Label    SDS
Maki Mini Bait Blocks - 16 lbs. Lipha Tech  Label    SDS
Malathion 57% Control Solutions  Label    SDS
Mallet 2F T&O Insecticide Nufarm  Label    SDS
Mallet 75 WSP Systemic Insecticide Nufarm  Label    SDS
Manganese Chelate 5% Growth Products  Label    SDS
Manna Pro Pure Defense Manna Pro Products, LLC  Label    SDS
Manor Herbicide Nufarm  Label    SDS
Mantis 1x2 Glue Boards - 6 Pack (Boacha 850) PestWest      SDS
Manzate Pro-Stick T and O Fungicide United Phosphorus Inc.  Label    SDS
Marengo SC Ornamental Herbicide OHP Inc.  Label    SDS
Martin's ERASER Foaming Weed Killer Control Solutions  Label    SDS
Martin's Flee Plus IGR Trigger Spray Control Solutions  Label    SDS
Martin's Permethrin 13.3% Control Solutions  Label    SDS
Martin's TopShot Weed Killer Control Solutions  Label    SDS
Martin's Viper Insecticide RTU Control Solutions  Label    SDS