Protecta EVO Circuit Bait Station

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Protecta EVO Circuit Bait Station station
This product has been discontinued. The GREY COLOR OPTION is still available.
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Protecta EVO Circuit Bait Station - CASE (6 stations)Protecta EVO Circuit Bait Station - CASE (6 stations) case (6 stations) $84.42Out of Stock!
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Protecta EVO Circuit Bait Station
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Protecta EVO Circuit Bait Station is the best choice for discretely placing a bait station at you account (hotels, restaurants, etc.) or your home. Disguised as an electrical box the Protecta EVO Circuit Bait Station has two simulated electrical connections that are simple to attach or remove. Use the Protecta EVO Circuit Bait Station vertically or horizontally.

Like other Protecta EVO Bait Stations the Circuit is made of durable 100 percent recycled plastic and has a removable tray to service the station easily. The Protecta EVO Circuit Bait Station is tamper resistant and keeps other animals and children out.

To make your job easier the Protecta EVO Circuit Bait Station has a single-locking mechanism, tracking software compatible bar code in the lid, service cards can be attached to the outside, and a form that makes stacking traps a breeze.

In the vertical position the station can be baited with 4 bait blox. When used horizontally the station can use Trapper T-Rex Rat TrapsMini T-Rex Mouse Traps; or up to 8 bait blox can be placed on locking rods that will not fall out when servicing; in the Protecta EVO Circuit Bait Station. One key per 6 stations ordered. You can order additional keys here: Keys for Protecta EVO Bait Stations.

Note: bait blox and T-Rex traps NOT INCLUDED. This station is BLACK.

Discrete. Quick and easy to use. Tamper resistant for peace of mind with children and pets. Multiple options for baiting and trapping.

One Protecta EVO Key is included with each order. You can order more here: Keys for Protecta EVO Bait Stations.

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08/24/2013 Gleneva from La Jolla, Ca

QDo you have a box where rats die inside? I don't want them to die under the house and smell.


We currently do not carry a box where the rats can enter to die. Like other rodent stations,  the Protecta EVO Circuit Stations offer access to rodenticides for the rats to consume and they can exit freely. Yes, the rats dying under the house or in the wall voids would cause an odor. We recommend that you select other types of traps for rat control including glue boards. Please follow the link below for helpful tips and product recommendation for trapping rats.


Rat Traps-

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