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RBS1 EZ - Secured Rodent Bait Station bait station

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RBS1 EZ - Secured Rodent Bait Station
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The EZ-Secured Rodent Bait Station is proven reliable and durable.  The station is made of 100% recycled injection-molded plastic. It is pre-assembled with VM Products’ proprietary patent design using lag screws and flexible fastening cones. The use of this design ensures the station and cement block are securely attached, providing years of service and eliminating assembly costs. The concrete block is constructed out of Type I/II green cement that meet LEEDS specifications.

The EZ Secured has a spring-loaded locking mechanism that keeps bait safe and protects it from dust, dirt, moisture and other elements so bait stays fresh longer. The station’s hinge is a molded pin on the back of the station with two arms that clamp around it, providing durability while eliminating weathering and cracking. The EZ Secured will accept soft, liquid, and solid rodent baits. The station is sold with two plastic rods which hold the bait securely in place, sequential bar code, service label and VM’s universal gray key. The EZ-Secured can also be used with Catchmaster Easy Set Rat Snap Trap 621P. EZ-Secured stations are ideal for use in warehouses, restaurants, commercial applications, office buildings, and anywhere else there is a need for a secured and/or anchored bait station. The EZ Secure measures 12.5 x 4.75 x 8.75. One key comes per order. Additional keys can be purchased separately.

The RBS EZ-SECURED eliminates these costs:

  • Labor ordering blocks
  • Labor assembling the blocks
  • Cost of blocks
  • Cost of delivering blocks
  • Liquid nails or screws

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    5 of 5 stars  Sturdy and safe
    By Sarah in Austin, TX on 10/11/2015

    I bought five of these from a rodent control guy. I originally bought four and then I wanted another one and couldn't find them online. I guess I didn't look hard enough, because they're here! Anyway, I was very concerned about putting rat poison in my yard because I have dogs (including a very curious tiny one). However, when I saw and handled these bait stations, my fears were allayed. The concrete blocks mean they stay where you put them, the sturdy hinges and the lock mean the lid stays closed, and the way the inside of the station is set up, even a tiny dog can't get to the bait. She can try to stick her nose in there, but access to the baits is blocked. One of my neighbors who has young children is thinking about putting some bait stations in his yard, and I'll definitely recommend these.

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    5 of 5 stars  rbs1 secured rodent bait station
    By Jeff in Joelton, Tn on 11/06/2015

    Really like these stations. Where I use them I have opossums, coons, skunks ect. The design of these boxes are very good and these critters cannot reach inside to get the bait. The weight of the boxes keeps them from moving them around and they leave them alone.

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  • 2 of 2 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  rbs1 secured rodent bait station
    By Jeff in Joelton, Tn on 11/09/2015

    I have used three different types of bait stations in the past and I really like these stations I have three now. The concrete weight is just right so possums and coons do not drag them around. Also the design of the box with a smooth flat top and the enclosed part where the bait is placed on vertical plastic post or use the two horizontal wires or both for bait placement. If you notice a possum or coon cannot reach inside to the bait and rob it the way its designed. I put two different type baits in them just to see which one the rodents like most. I'm sold on these boxes.

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  • 1 of 1 people found this review helpful:

    4 of 5 stars  Bait Station
    By Jim in FL on 02/25/2016

    A good outdoor rodent trap. Suggest you not order many at once because they can damage each other in shipping due to weight and less-than-careful packing. The cement ballast deflated all of the air bags they used to pack, and damaged one of the traps that was packed in with the three stations. The product itself, is fine. Would have given 5 stars if received in better condition. I did not get one key apiece, you only (evidently) get one key per -order-.

    Expert Response   Expert response:
    Thank you for your previous feedback on the EZ Klean Rodent Bait Stations. We wanted to update you to let you know that we have adjusted how these stations are shipped to help prevent damages. We hope that you will let our Customer Service team know anytime you have concerns about your order so that we can address any problems as quickly as possible. Regarding keys, manufacturers will place 1 key per case of bait stations since this type of product uses a universal key for the type of station; however, we will ship one key per order. Additional keys are available for purchase for any stations that we sell. You can always reach us at 866-581-7378 M-F 9a-5p EST. We appreciate your comments and your business!

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  • 1 of 1 people found this review helpful:

    3 of 5 stars  Physical Size
    By R in Minnesota on 04/10/2016

    I just picked up two of these and it is nicely made. One thing to note that I didn't see on the description is the physical size of these. Including the weight on the bottom this is about 4-5 inches High. 10-12 inches wide and 7-8 inches deep. The entrance size is more "rat" sized compared to mouse. Had i realized the size I probably would have opted for a different station.

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10/15/2015 Marlie from Dickson Tn

QCan the RBS1 EZ be used inside a home?
We have mice and/or rats but i'm looking for traps that won't harm my dog


We do not recommend using baits indoors because the dead rodent could cause a terrible odor if the dead rodent is not located and removed.. We would reommend using snap traps such as the†Catchmaster Easy Set Mouse Snap Trap,†or glueboards indoors to trap rodents so that the dead carcass can be removed. Then, you should seal up any openings or rodent entry points and use the†RBS1 EZ - Secured Rodent Bait Station outside around the perimeter of your home.

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10/11/2014 Tim from Tampa, Florida

QDoes RBS1 EZ - Secured Rodent Bait Station come with the trapper inside?

AThe RBS1 EZ - Secured Rodent Bait Station come with the station inself and the concrete block only.

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12/13/2015 Bill from Naples, Fl

QHow many Final Blox will the RBS1 EZ - Secured Rodent Bait Station hold?


Four Final Blox will fit onto the stakes inside of the RBS1 EZ - Secured Rodent Bait Station.

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