Remington Solar Attic Fan 30 - Watt


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Remington Solar Attic Fan 30 - Watt
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The Remington Solar Attic Fan 30-Watt is an environmentally sensible and simple solution that will save you money. Powered completely by solar energy, this highly efficient attic fan is both quiet and compact. It is made with high performance stainless steel materials to ensure absolute weather resistance and animal protection. Out of the box it is fully operational, installs very easily, without any electrical wiring, electricians or city permits.

Remington Solar Attic Fan operates quietly in managing the heat level of a building’s attic. It works by drawing the hot air inside the enclosed area of the attic to the outside and keeping the space below the attic much cooler. Aside from attics, the solar fan is also may be used on storage sheds, lofts, workshops, garages and barns.

This model is available in Gray or Black color options.

30 watt = 1,550 CFM for up to 2500 sq/ft attics.

Also available in the following models:

  • Remington Solar Attic Fan 20 - Watt
  • Remington Solar Attic Fan 25 - Watt

Product Features:

  • 2,500 sq/ft attics
  • 1,550 CFM
  • Ventilation Type: Roof
  • NEW Tilt Panel on 30 watt fans
  • Constructed of high performance steel
  • Flashing and shroud are seamless ensuring weather tight installations
  • Stainless steel animal protection screen
  • Stainless steel hardware throughout
  • Powder coated to withstand any environment

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06/07/2015 Ben from Houston, Tx

QWhat size of the Attic Fan should be used for a house with with an approximately 2300 sq/ft attics?
Based on the spec of your solar attic fans, would it be sufficient enough if I could use just one of the 30 watt fan to take care my 2300 sq/ft attics space? Or should I use a combination of a 20 and a 25 watt solar fans? Thank you for your help!

AThe 30 Watt fan will cover an attic space up to 2,500 square feet, so once fan should provide plenty of circulation for your 2,300 square foot space.

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