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Santa Fe Crawlspace Alert alarm (1 unit)

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Santa Fe Crawlspace Alert

Santa Fe Crawlspace Alert (4030280) is there for you when you need to keep your crawlspaces dry. Just connect the device to your Santa Fe dehumidifier and it will automatically protect your property from any possible water damage. It will also alert you to high humidity issues, keeping you informed about when you need the dehumidifier to run. 

Unit Functionality
• The amber warning lamp illuminates if the relative humidity in the crawlspace exceeds the preset limit (70% RH).
• If lamp is illuminated the homeowner should call their contractor, as this could signal a serious moisture issue in the crawlspace.
• The optional “Overflow Shutoff” (step #2) will shut-off the dehumidifier if the condensate pump reservoir overflows.

1. Mount the Crawlspace Alert
• At least 24" above ground level, making sure not to mount on an exterior wall (relative humidity can be affected by the walls temperature).
• Locate the Crawlspace Alert within two ft. (length of power cord) of a dedicated 15 amp GFCI power outlet and within 8 ft of your dehumidifier.

2. Overflow Shutoff feature (optional)
Not using this? Then go to step #3
• Connect the gray 2-wire cable (8ft) to the 2 white wires on the condensate pump to interface with the overflow switch (use supplied wire nuts).
• Plug-in the dehumidifier power cord and condensate pump power cord to the outlets on the side of the Crawlspace Alert (max. 12 amps).
• Check the Overflow Shutoff:
• Plug the Crawlspace Alert power cord into a dedicated 15 amp GFCI outlet.
• While the dehumidifier is operating, lift up on the safety float switch or turn the pump upside-down. The dehumidifier should turn off.
• If the operation is backwards (dehumidifier turns on when the safety float switch trips), then the pump switch terminals will need to be swapped. Most pump switches have three terminals yet only connect wires to two. One of your wires was probably connected to the Normally Open terminal. You must change it to the Normally Closed terminal. Check the functionality again. (Proceed to step #4)

3. Plug-in the power cords
• Plug-in the Crawlspace Alert to a dedicated 15 amp GFCI outlet.
• Plug the dehumidifier and condensate pump power cord into the side of the control box.

4. Install the warning lamp
• Install warning lamp in a location where it can be easily monitored. The mounting plate can be flush mounted (A) or bracket mounted (B).
A. Flush mount: Flex the tab until it breaks away from the plate. Drill a 1/2" diameter installation hole, and push the lamp through the hole, then slide the mounting plate over the wires and push the lamp into the plate. Attach the plate to the mounting surface using adhesive or a screw.
B. Bracket mount: Bend mounting plate to the desired angle. Slide the mounting plate over the wires and push the lamp into the plate. Attach the mounting plate to the mounting surface with a screw. Tie the lamp wiring up along its path and bundle any extra wire up, out of the way.
• Tie the lamp wiring up along its path and bundle any extra wire up, out of the way.

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