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Scythe Herbicide - 2.5 Gallon

Scythe Herbicide is non-selective post-emergent herbicide that controls a broad range of weeds when applied to the foliage of emerged weeds. Scythe Herbicide works through contact of green vegetation by piercing the green plant tissue and burning it down. Scythe Herbicide works to control perennial and annual grass and broadleaf weeds, along with cryptograms and mosses. Scythe Herbicide is less effective against mature or dormant plants. Scythe Herbicide will only affect those parts of the plant that have been sprayed with solution. This product does not harm non-green plant parts such as woody stems.

Scythe Herbicide mixes well with water and can be applied through most sprayers. To achieve optimal results insure that you uniformly cover the entire plant with spray.

Scythe Herbicide is not a residual control product. Additional treatments will be required for new emerging weeds.

In November 2010, Gowan Company LLC purchased the rights to Scythe from Dow Agro Sciences.

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