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SePRO Sonar RTU Aquatic Weed Herbicide

SePRO Sonar RTU Auatic Weed Herbicide is a specially formulated aquatic herbicide that’s designed to help control troublesome weeds in ponds. This Ready-To-Use liquid formula contains Fluridone which is very effective in controlling unwanted aquatic vegetation including duckweeds. It’s very easy to use, simply pour it directly into the water from the shoreline without the need for boat or spray equipment and it also doesn’t require any mixing.

There are NO fishing, swimming, livestock and pet consumption restrictions for Sonar RTU.

When and How to Apply

  • Apply during sunny, dry, non-windy conditions.
  • Apply when weeds are actively growing. Best results typically achieved by starting applications just as weeds have started to grow.
  • Apply Sonar RTU directly into the water either in one location or multiple locations and Sonar RTU will mix throughout the pond.
  • Sonar RTU should be used with Captain Liquid Copper Algaecide if algae infestation is present at time of application.
  • Sonar RTU should be applied according to the schedule below, with the initial application followed by two additional applications at three-week intervals. Table 1 should be used for general aquatic weed control. Table 2 should be used for the additional benefit of partial control of watermeal. (See label for application rates table)
  • For ponds with average depth and size different than found in Table 1 (see label), utilize the following formulas and round the calculated result up to the nearest one-half (1/2) quart.

Initial Application (Day 1): Pond Acres x Pond Average Depth (in feet) = Number of Sonar RTU Quarts to Apply

Example: 0.6 Acre Pond x 3.0 Foot Average Depth = 1.8 which is rounded up to 2.0 Quarts Sonar RTU to be applied.

2nd (Day 21) and 3rd (Day 42) Applications: Pond Acres x Pond Average Depth (in feet) x 0.5 =Number of Sonar RTU Quarts to Apply

Example: 0.6 Acre Pond x 3.0 Foot Average Depth x 0.5 = 0.9 which is rounded up to 1.0 Quart Sonar RTU to be applied.

  • DO NOT apply more than a total of 3 quarts Sonar RTU per acre foot in a single growing season.

NOTE: An acre foot of water = 1 surface acre of water with an average depth of1 foot. (Example, a 1 acre pond with average water depth of 4 feet would contain 4 acre-feet of water)

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    5 of 5 stars  Sonar RTU
    By Brenda in Irvington, Kentucky on 04/26/2016

    This is a great product it worked great getting the green stuff off our pond and keeping it that way all summer. I recommend it for your pond and you wont be disappointed....

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07/04/2014 Greg from North Idaho

QI pump water from my pond to irrigate my lawn. Will SePRO Sonar RTU hurt the lawn?

ABy pumping the water treated with SePRO Sonar RTU Aquatic Weed Herbicide 1 Qt. it could discolor or harm your lawn. For better tips, please contact Sepro 800-4419-7779.

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04/17/2016 Sam from Muncie, In

QWhat are the swimming restrictions with Sonar and/or Captain?


There are not swimming resitrictions with Sonar†or Captain applications.†

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