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Sergeants Pet Care Products Inc

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Sentry Capguard Flea Tablets for Dogs and Cats
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An effective oral treatment for dogs and cats to eliminate adult fleas without the mess and residue.

Fiproguard for Cats Flea and Tick Treatment
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An effective and waterproof solution to remove and eliminate lice, fleas and ticks on cats.

Fiproguard Plus IGR Dog Flea and Tick Spot - On
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An easy-to-use and convenient treatment for puppies and dogs against adult fleas, their eggs, ticks and chewing lice.

Sentry Sure Shot Liquid Wormer for Cat
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An effective liquid wormer for cats and kittens to remove large round worms.

Fiproguard Dog Flea and Tick Spray
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An effective and affordable solution to repel and eliminate fleas and ticks on dogs and cats.

Sentry HC WormX Plus De-Wormer for Large Dogs
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A chewable tablet that effectively controls tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms.