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Shake-Away Rodent Repellent Granules
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The Shake-Away Rodent Repellent Granules delivers the most suitable and effective way in dealing with rodent problems near your home. The repellent strongly targets chipmunks, mice, rats, shrews, squirrels, and voles. Its special, exclusive organic blend of oils that are formulated into granules will annoy the senses of the rodents that are present in your lawn or garden. The product is 100% organic, is long-lasting and not harm or burn bushes, plants, or trees. The vapors that are discharged are a powerful irritant that disorients the rodent’s nervous system. The formula repels rodents through a naturally powerful sensory overload.  Also, it is safe to utilize around your family and pets. To use, apply the granules twice a week for the first 2 weeks, and for maintenance apply twice a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How is Shake-Away affected by rain?

ANSWER: Light or moderate rain will not affect the Shake-Away granules but the product should be reapplied after heavy, washout rains. The Shake-Away 90-day packs are not affected by any weather conditions, including rain or snow, as they are completely weather-proof.

2) How lightly or heavily do I need to apply the Shake-Away granules?

ANSWER: You only need to apply Shake-Away lightly around the areas you want to protect. Heavier applications do not make the product work better; you need to be consistent with your applications. Twice a week for the first two to three weeks is recommended.

3) Should I apply the Shake-Away granules around the perimeter of my yard to keep all animals out?

ANSWER: You only apply Shake-Away around the specific area where the animals are doing damage. For example, if an animal is eating your flowers in one of your gardens, that is the area you want to focus on treating.

4) Will Shake-Away attract coyotes or foxes to my yard?

ANSWER: No. If you already have coyotes or foxes coming into your yard, they will smell the product out of curiosity, but it will not bring in animals that are not already in your area.

5) Will Shake-Away hurt my children, pets or plants?

ANSWER: No, Shake-Away is 100% natural and non-toxic.

6) How will my dog react to Shake-Away when applied?

ANSWER: Your dog may be curious and smell the product after the first few applications, but after that they usually will ignore it.

7) How do you collect the coyote and fox urine?

ANSWER: The animals are never touched during the collection process. When the animals eliminate naturally the urine is collected on tapered floors into drains. All animals are treated very well by a trained staff.

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    3 of 5 stars  Don't no
    By Elaine in Irvington, nj on 08/19/2017

    I don't know about this item, shook in the garbage can, put it on table, saw no difference, but the glue pads really worked, these mice are smart. I put some in the popcorn they were eating and they stopped eating it

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    4 of 5 stars  Great Product
    By Beverly in GREENVILLE on 06/22/2017

    This is the best product I've found to discourage chipmunks and squirrels!

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06/16/2014 Patrick from Chagrin Falls, Oh

QDo you sell the 4 lb. version of Shake Away chipmunk repellant?

AUnfortunately, we do not stock the 4 lb container of the Shake - Away Rodent Repellent Granules. Although, we would be happy to order a 4 lb container from our supplier for you. Please call us at 866-581-7378 to speak with one of our Sales Reps so we can check price and availability and get it ordered for you.

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09/09/2015 Bill from Dennis Port, Ma

QAre the Shake Away Rodent Repellent Granules a good mouse repellent?


The Shake-Away Rodent Repellent Granules deliver the most suitable and effective way repellency for mice around your home.

Rodent Proofing Your Home Tips

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