Skunk Traps

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JT Eaton Answer Catch and Release Trap for Skunks and Other Medium Pests (475N)
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A specially designed trap for skunks and medium-sized pests.

Tomahawk 924 Dura Poly Live Trap for rabbits & similar sized animals
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A plastic live trap for cats, rabbits and skunks to keep from getting sprayed by skunks.

Tomahawk Rigid Live Trap for skunk, opossum, prairie dog, large squirrel & similar sized animals - Model 604.5
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Model 604.5 Original Series Rigid Live Trap with One Trap Door and Easy Release Door for skunk, opossum, prairie dog, large squirrel & similar sized animals.

Tomahawk Collapsible Live Trap for skunk, opossum, prairie dog, large squirrel & similar sized animals - Model 204
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Model 204 Original Series Collapsible Live Trap with One Trap Door for skunk, opossum, prairie dog, large squirrel & similar sized animals.


Skunks can be a nuisance, and can cause damage to your yard, garden, and structures. There are many ways to stop damage and get rid of skunks, and trapping is a humane, safe method of skunk removal.

The skunk traps we sell are professional grade live traps, so the skunks can be released safely away from your home and property. Continue reading below the skunk traps for sale on this page to learn more about how to trap a skunk.

How To Trap A Skunk

Skunks often end up under porches or crawl spaces under homes, especially if your home is found near a waterway, pasture, or hayfield. They’re mostly active dusk through dawn and can be lured with a wide variety of household foods. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using skunk traps:

  • Use a 7x7x24 or 12x12x36 sized wire trap
  • Cover traps with a dark fabric, preferably canvas. This not only makes the trap less noticeable, but also keeps the skunk calm when trapped and lessens the chance of spraying.
  • Place traps anywhere you’ve seen skunks. If they’re living under your porch or crawl space, or are trapped indoors, seal off all points except one and put trap near or on that exit point. You can place traps anywhere as long as the skunks can still smell food.
  • Bait traps with fish flavored canned cat food, peanut butter, sardines, or chicken entrails, but using mayo, peanut butter, dried fruit, or honey and molasses on bread will be less likely to attract cats and dogs.
  • If releasing the animal away from the trapping area, attach fishing wire or a strong string to the trap door to release the animal from a safe distance.
  • When transporting the animal to a new location, ensure the trap remains covered and the animal isn’t being jostled or moved too much.
  • Make sure you know the laws in your area before trapping skunks. Some animals are protected, even some species of skunks, and it is often illegal to relocate an animal to protect the local wild populations from disease. If you cannot relocate the skunk, you can euthanize it yourself by various methods, including shooting and CO2 poisoning, or you can call animal control for removal.

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