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Sofa Safe Bed Bug Proof Couch Encasement sofa encasement

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Sofa Safe Bed Bug Proof Couch Encasement

The Sofa Safe is a neutral tan color to make it easier to spot bed bug eggs on the surface.

Swatch of actual color:
(color may appear slightly lighter or darker on some monitors)

Sofa Safe couch encasement is an easy method for preventing bed bugs from infesting your sofa or couch and best of all prevents you from to discard of your furniture.  Not only is it easy to install on your sofa, but it locks existing bed bugs in so they cannot get on your clothes or spread further through your home. It also prevents bed bugs from getting on the sofa and using it as a hiding place and harborage area.  The Sofa Safe can be used to encase and protect any sofa/couch or other large furniture that you want to protect or prevent existing bed bugs from getting out.  Sofa Safe of course will also prevent you from getting bit while sitting on the sofa or furniture.  The Sofa Safe is tan in color, and comfortable to sit on.  It is also waterproof and will protect your furniture from staining.  The tan color makes it easier to spot bed bug eggs since the eggs are white and they stand out on the tan cover. 

The Sofa Safe encasement is also machine washable and is designed to handle normal wear and tear. A few things to keep in mind.  As with any kind of covering or encasement, sharp pet claws and teeth could rip the cover so you should watch your pets accordingly.  Also, pointed feet or legs of couches and chairs can rip the bottom of the Sofa Safe Encasement, and you should use cardboard or something else to cushion where sharp points of feet and other parts come into contact with the encasement.  You should place a piece of heavy duty duck tape over the zipper once the cover is installed to ensure that the cover is completely bed bug proof and the zipper does not get snagged or opened on accident.  If you have an active infestation of bed bugs, your should leave the Sofa Safe encasement on your couch or sofa for at least 18 months to ensure any living bed bugs inside the couch or sofa are completely dead. 

The Sofa Safe is machine washable.  You should not dry clean, bleach, or wash in hot water.  You should also not iron the Sofa Safe because it can damage the inner polyurethane lining.  You should dry on medium to low heat.

**Due to the nature of this product and the possibility of spreading bed bugs during return shipments, this product cannot be returned once it has been opened.  All manufacturer defects will be handled directly with the manufacturer. 

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    5 of 5 stars  Attack the prime location
    By James in Scottsdale, AZ on 04/04/2011
    Verified Purchase

    Our infestation turned out to be centered in our three piece sectional. I can't imagine winning the war against a bedbug infestation in a sectional without this product.

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    5 of 5 stars  Sofa Safe Bed Bug Proof Couch Encasement
    By Mary in Chicago, Ill. on 04/30/2012

    I only had this encasement for a short time! I feel safer with this encasement! I'm going to order another for the den!! I'm wondering if there is one for love seats or a small sofa!!!

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04/04/2011 Dan

QIs there a warranty on this product?
Does the Sofa Safe have any kind of manufacturer's warranty or guarantee?

AUnfortunately when it comes to bed bug products like the Sofa Safe, they do not allow returns after 7 days of the purchase date of the product because they do not want bed bugs being returned with the product.  The manufacturer will stand behind their product for manufacturers defects.  They take this on a case by case basis and if the issue is determined to be a manufacturer defect, they will replace it.  However, if there is nothing wrong with it and you just do not want the product anymore, we cannot take it back once it has been opened due to the possibility of transporting bed bugs.

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10/12/2011 T from Indiana

QWhat is the material for the product Sofa Safe Bed Bug Couch Encasement? How thick? Are there love seat sizes?
I would like you to direct me to the manufacturer's complete specifications. I'd like to know if the material is any thicker/better than the mattress encasements. 149 each is an awful lot to spend on something that could tear easily!

AThe only information available on the Sofa Safe Bed Bug Proof Couch Encasement is the information you see on the product description page on our website. The main panel is 100% Polyester, the skirt is 100% Polyester and the Lining is 100% Polyurethane and all sides are laminated. The Sofa Safe encasement is also machine washable and is designed to handle normal wear and tear.

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