Solar Bird Baths

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Happy Bird Wild Bird Deluxe Red Solar Sipper (10008)
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A red water station that will offer fresh supply of water to your birds.

Happy Bird Wild Bird Super Solar Sipper (10040)
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This solar powered sipper does not need any electricity to keep the water cool during summer or warm during winter.

STI Smart Solar SunJet 150 + Mini Water Pump (21410R01)
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A mini water pump that is perfect on ponds, bowls or pots.

STI Smart Solar Aquarius Bird Bath Stake with Glass Orb Solar Light (3058MRM1)
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Attractive bird themed stake that acts as a source of water for your feathered friends at your garden.

Happy Bird Black Mounting Bracket (10004)
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Easy to use bracket for your HB10040 and HB10008 Solar Sipper.


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