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Songbird Essentials

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Songbird Essentials Replacement Large Suction Cups for Bird Feeders (SEWP12)
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A large suction cup that features an ultraviolet protection.

Songbird Essentials Small Hanging Platform Bird Feeder (SERUBSHPF100HD)
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Perfect for all types of birds with powder coated steel screen.

Songbird Essentials All Purpose Window Hanger SE540
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Place it on any window around your home so you can showcase whatever you hang on it.

Songbird Essentials Dr. JB complete Switchable Hummingbird Feeder with Red Flowers Bulk 80 oz. (SE6027)
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A type of feeder that can be switched with other bottles to accommodate more birds during migration season.

Songbird Essentials Finches Favorite Copper 3 Tube Bird Feeder (SE324C)
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This copper finch feeder features 3 tubes with 36 feeding stations.

Songbird Essentials Jail Meal Worm Bird Feeder (SERUBMWJAIL)
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A nature-friendly bird feeder that is perfect for Bluebirds.

Songbird Essentials Pavillion Bird Feeder (SE512)
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A Pavilion inspired open feeder.

Songbird Essentials Plantation with 2 Suet Baskets Bird Feeder (SESC2003C)
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A large capacity plantation styled feeder with 2 suet baskets.

Songbird Essentials Recycled Plastic Large Hopper Bird Feeder 2.5 qt. (SERUBHF75)
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A nature friendly bird feeder that is capable of holding 2.5 quarts of seed.

Songbird Essentials Seed Hoop for Bird Feeder 16 in. (SEIA30034)
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It is a seed hoop for bird feeder which is durable and made of lightweight materials.

Songbird Essentials Tube Bird Feeder with Seed Tray 4 qt. (SERUBTF105)
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A nature-friendly bird feeder that can hold 4 quarts of seed.

Songbird Essentials Wheelbarrow Ground Bird Feeder (SE562)
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Attracts large, ground feeding birds. Holds 12 cups of seed.

Songbird Essentials Window Suction Cup Hanger (SE077)
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An all around hanger that can easily hold up to 5 lbs. of weight.

Songbird Essentials Woodpecker Bird House (SE3880308)
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A woodpecker shaped bird house that adds a creative and whimsical touch on any outdoor setting.

Songbird Essentials Yellow Spiral Finch Tube Bird Feeder 17 in. (SEBQSBF2Y)
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An active dining station ready to accommodate a variety of your feathered friends.

Songbird Essentials Bird Bath Protector 4 oz. (SE7030)
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An all-natural formula intended to create fresh and clean water in your bird baths.

Songbird Essentials Bird Suet Feeder Saver Kit (SE903)
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Compatible with most suet or seed cages.

Songbird Essentials Cedar Oriole Feeder (SE561)
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A safe feeding station which is constructed with two wooden spikes for orange halves and a glass cup in the middle for mealworms or grape jelly.

Songbird Essentials Cedar Suet Log Bird Feeder with Perches (SESCS405)
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A cedar wood suet log bird feeder that is perfect to hang on an open area around your house.

Songbird Essentials Copper Bluebird Mealworm Window Feeder (SEHHBBWF)
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A blue mealworm window feeder that will surely attract bluebirds and other insect-loving birds right outside your windows.

Songbird Essentials Copper Ivy Plant Hanger 12 in. (SEHH12HK)
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A plant hanger and a hummingbird feeder that is a favorite of gardeners!

Songbird Essentials Copper Oriole Jelly Feeder Single Cup (SEHHORSC)
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An orange colored single bowl jelly feeder that is specially made to attract Orioles.

Songbird Essentials Copper Single Cup Oriole Fruit and Jelly Feeder (SEHHORFJ)
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A unique feeder that is specially designed to hold fruit and jelly to attract more Orioles into the garden.