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Songbird Essentials

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Songbird Essentials Red Bulk Nectar Feeder Protector Junior (SE625)
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Protects your bird feeders from ants.

Songbird Essentials Red Hummingbird Nectar 24 oz (SE642)
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Can easily make 4.5 quarts of nectar and perfect to feed hummingbirds with.

Songbird Essentials Red Roof Round Wire Circle Suet Ball Bird Feeder (SE908)
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A great feeder perfect to use for every season especially on fall and winter seasons.

Songbird Essentials Red Wreath Ring Whole Peanut Bird Feeder (SE6020)
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Ideal for squirrels and other large birds like Jays.

Songbird Essentials Replacement Clay Pan for SE501 Bird Bath (SE502)
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Replaces the pan from SE501 bird bath in case of loss or damage.

Songbird Essentials Replacement Orange Perch For Bird Feeders (SEBCO430R)
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A replacement perch in case of loss or damage.

Songbird Essentials Replacement Red Cap for Bird Feeder Tubes (SEHHRDCP)
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Replaces the cap on feeder tubes in case of loss or damage.

Songbird Essentials Replacement Suction Cup for Bird Feeders (SEHHSCUP)
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A suction cup that would not let your feeders down.

Songbird Essentials Seed Hoop for Bird Feeder 24 in. (SEIA30024)
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It is durable and made of lightweight exterior grade vinyl coated fiberglass mesh

Songbird Essentials Sitting Cardinal Round Metal Tray Bird Feeder (SE3870223)
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An attractive metal tray bird feeder designed with an adorable cardinal-formed design.

Songbird Essentials Squirrel Fruit or Birdseed Ball Bird Feeder (SE3870229)
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Add this creatively designed fruit and birdseed ball feeder to your garden or any outdoor setting.

Songbird Essentials Squirrel Gord - O Bird House (SE3880086)
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A beautifully designed bird house that creates a safe environment for your feathered visitors.

Songbird Essentials Squirrel Resistant Suet Palace Bird Feeder (SE6000)
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A suet feeder that effectively blocks off any squirrel or large birds from getting any food for the birds.

Songbird Essentials Suet Feeder with Tail Prop (SE566)
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A simple suet feeder that can be a great addition to any garden or backyard and attracts more birds all season long.

Songbird Essentials Super Post 4 ft. (SE550)
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This post can be used outside or inside your house

Songbird Essentials Swirl Tray Bird Feeder (SEHHSWTF)
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This tray feeder is durable enough to withstand tough weather condition, so you can feed the birds all year long!

Songbird Essentials Switchable Hummingbird Feeder with Yellow Flowers Bulk 80 oz. (SE6031)
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An hummingbird feeder that will allow you to switch bottles depending on the season. This feeder comes with an 80-ounce bottle.

Songbird Essentials Teal Replacement Blossoms for Hummingbird Feeders (pack of 5) (SE6004)
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A lovely teal colored replacement flowers for your 16-ounce Dr. JB hummingbird feeder's port.

Songbird Essentials Tiny Tower Bird Feeder 7 in. (SE515)
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A great classic bird feeder that is perfect to hang on any open area so a wide variety of birds can enjoy.

Songbird Essentials Tweeter Totter Hummingbird Feeder (SEHHTETR)
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When a hummer lands on one end of the feeder, their weight makes it tip down and teeter totter.

Songbird Essentials Ultimate Oriole Feeder (SE905)
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Holds 4 halves of real oranges, 1 quart of nectar and jellies.