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Songbird Essentials

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Songbird Essentials Sturdy Tube Cleaning Brush (SEHHBRSH)
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A sturdy tube cleaning brush that is perfect to use for your tube bird feeders or tube bottles on your house.

Songbird Essentials Suet Feeder with Tail Prop (SE566)
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A simple suet feeder that can be a great addition to any garden or backyard and attracts more birds all season long.

Songbird Essentials Suet Log Bird Feeder (SESCS404)
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A natural looking suet bird feeder that keeps the birds comfortable and close to their natural habitat.

Songbird Essentials Sunflower Bird House (SE3880209)
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A bright sunflower-formed bird house that gives your feathered friends a durable and safe sanctuary to live in.

Songbird Essentials Super Post 4 ft. (SE550)
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This post can be used outside or inside your house

Songbird Essentials Swirl Tray Bird Feeder (SEHHSWTF)
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This tray feeder is durable enough to withstand tough weather condition, so you can feed the birds all year long!

Songbird Essentials Switchable Hummingbird Feeder with Yellow Flowers Bulk 80 oz. (SE6031)
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An hummingbird feeder that will allow you to switch bottles depending on the season. This feeder comes with an 80-ounce bottle.

Songbird Essentials T Post Mounting Plate (SE6014)
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An all around mounting hardware that you can use for almost anything.

Songbird Essentials Teal Replacement Blossoms for Hummingbird Feeders (pack of 5) (SE6004)
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A lovely teal colored replacement flowers for your 16-ounce Dr. JB hummingbird feeder's port.

Songbird Essentials Tiny Tower Bird Feeder 7 in. (SE515)
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A great classic bird feeder that is perfect to hang on any open area so a wide variety of birds can enjoy.

Songbird Essentials Trout Bird House (SE3880054)
Free Shipping!
A cute fish-formed design that gives your feathered friends a durable and safe sanctuary to live in.

Songbird Essentials Turtle Gord - O Bird House (SE3880094)
Free Shipping!
Cute turtle-formed design that give your feathered friends a durable and safe sanctuary to live with.

Songbird Essentials Tweeter Totter Hummingbird Feeder (SEHHTETR)
Free Shipping!
When a hummer lands on one end of the feeder, their weight makes it tip down and teeter totter.

Songbird Essentials Two Cup Jelly Bird Feeder (SEHHJELY)
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A sturdy feeder that gives your feathered friends a safe station to feed with.

Songbird Essentials Two Toned Nesting Box Bird House (SERUB2TH100)
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An environment-friendly sanctuary that is made up of recycled plastic materials.

Songbird Essentials Two Tube Window Hummingbird Feeder (SEHHWF2T)
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An adorable feeding station that gives you a closer Hummingbird outlook near your home.

Songbird Essentials Ultimate Bluebird House (SESCS3004RW)
Free Shipping!
A durable nesting sanctuary that measures 7.75 inches from the floor up to the entrance hole.

Songbird Essentials Ultimate Oriole Feeder (SE905)
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Holds 4 halves of real oranges, 1 quart of nectar and jellies.

Songbird Essentials Ultimate Western Bluebird House (SEWBBSCS3004RW)
Out of Stock
One of our best-selling bird sanctuary that is perfect for Western Blue birds.

Songbird Essentials Ultimate Woodpecker Feeder (SESCS3003RW)
Free Shipping!
A durabele feeder for your chisel-billed feathered friends.

Songbird Essentials Universal Pole Mount For Bird Feeders (SEBEVUPM610)
Free Shipping!
Adds height to bird feeders or bird houses.

Songbird Essentials Vermont Dairy Barn Bird House (SE918)
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An adorable bird house that is inspired by classic New England style bird barn.

Songbird Essentials Victorian Love Hummingbird Feeder (SEHHVCT4)
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With 2 paired perches, this 4 station feeder lets 2 hummingbirds feed side by side.