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Songbird Essentials

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Songbird Essentials Window Bird Feeder 8 (SE538)
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Holds 4 cups of seed in its center hopper.

Songbird Essentials Window Greenhouse Bird Feeder (SE563)
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An adorable feeding station that may serve as a green house during spring.

Songbird Essentials Window Red Bird Hummingbird Feeder 12 oz. (SEBCO312W)
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A great window bird feeder that's always fun to have at home for your family and friends to enjoy.

Songbird Essentials Window Suet Bird Feeder (SE539)
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Holds 1 suet cake and is securely held on the window by 2 strong suction cups.

Songbird Essentials Window Wonder Two Tube Hummingbird Feeder (SEHHWWH2)
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Entertain you family friends with this two tube hummingbird feeder every single day!

Songbird Essentials Wood Duck Bird House (SE3880056)
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A creatively designed bird house that can add drama and art on any garden or backyard.

Songbird Essentials Wood Duck House (SE589)
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Create a proper and safe nesting cavity for those lovely wood ducks.

Songbird Essentials Wren Bird House (SE3880121)
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Create a proper and nice environment for your birds to nest on with this great product.

Songbird Essentials Wren House A - Frame Bird House (SE518)
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Attract Wrens to nest in this attractive bird house.

Songbird Essentials Wren House Kit (SESC00607)
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An easy to assemble bird house that can pass for a kids project!

Songbird Essentials Wren House Kit (SESC410)
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Let your kids enjoy building this simple bird house to start off their love for the hobby!

Songbird Essentials Yellow Clingers Only Bird Feeder (SE7011)
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A bird feeder in yellow color that is ideal for small birds like titmouse, goldfinches, chickadees, nuthatches.

Songbird Essentials Yellow Lab Gord - O Bird House (SE3880069)
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An adorable Yellow Labrador bird house that can attract birds to nest in your area.

Songbird Essentials Yellow Replacement Flowers For Hummingbird Feeders (pack of 5) (SE6008)
Out of Stock
A replacement flower in yellow color for the ports of your 16-ounce Dr. JB hummingbird feeders.

Songbird Essentials Yellow Warbler Bird House (SE3880042)
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A cute yellow warbler fish-formed design that gives your feathered friends a durable and safe sanctuary to live with.