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Songbird Essentials

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Songbird Essentials Window Suction Cup Hanger (SE077)
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An all around hanger that can easily hold up to 5 lbs. of weight.

Songbird Essentials Woodpecker Bird House (SE3880308)
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A woodpecker shaped bird house that adds a creative and whimsical touch on any outdoor setting.

Songbird Essentials Yellow Spiral Finch Tube Bird Feeder 17 in. (SEBQSBF2Y)
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An active dining station ready to accommodate a variety of your feathered friends.

Songbird Essentials Best Long Brush 24 in. (SE603)
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A 24 inches brush that will help clean your bird feeders.

Songbird Essentials Bird Bath Protector 4 oz. (SE7030)
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An all-natural formula intended to create fresh and clean water in your bird baths.

Songbird Essentials Cedar Suet Log Bird Feeder with Perches (SESCS405)
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A cedar wood suet log bird feeder that is perfect to hang on an open area around your house.

Songbird Essentials Copper Bluebird Mealworm Window Feeder (SEHHBBWF)
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A blue mealworm window feeder that will surely attract bluebirds and other insect-loving birds right outside your windows.

Songbird Essentials Copper Ivy Plant Hanger 12 in. (SEHH12HK)
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A plant hanger and a hummingbird feeder that is a favorite of gardeners!

Songbird Essentials Copper Single Cup Oriole Fruit and Jelly Feeder (SEHHORFJ)
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A unique feeder that is specially designed to hold fruit and jelly to attract more Orioles into the garden.

Songbird Essentials Cylinder Seed Tray Feeder (SEHHSTAC)
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It is a handcrafted and extremely durable feeder for your feathered friends.

Songbird Essentials Dr. JB Switchable Jar Only 80 oz. for Bird Feeders (SE6024)
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This feeder helps you save your time in refilling your small hummingbird feeder numerous times.

Songbird Essentials Easy Mix Clear Hummingbird Food 8 oz. (SE628)
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A nectar that carries a nutritious, easily digestible source of energy and calories for Hummingbirds.

Songbird Essentials Easy Mix Oriole Food 8 oz. (SE630)
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A nectar that carries a nutritious, easily digestible source of energy and calories for Orioles.

Songbird Essentials Finches Favorite Red 3 Tube Bird Feeder (SE324)
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This red finch feeder features 3 tubes with 36 feeding stations.

Songbird Essentials Finches Favorite Single Tube Bird Feeder 12 in. (SE112)
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A 12-inch single tube feeder that is designed to hold Nyjer seeds.

Songbird Essentials Fruit and Jelly Oriole Feeder (SERUBFJF)
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A great feeder that is made from all recycled materials and can easily attract Orioles.

Songbird Essentials Green Mini Hanging Bird Bath (SE504)
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A beautiful bird bath that can be used by a variety of wild birds.

Songbird Essentials Hanging Cable For Bird Feeders and Plants 18 in. (SE8018)
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Perfectly designed hanging cable to protect tree limbs while modeling your bird feeders, plants and other garden arts as well.

Songbird Essentials Hunter Ivory Recycled Plastic Wren Bird House (SERUBWH105)
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A sturdy type of nesting sanctuary which warmly welcomes your little feathered friends.

Songbird Essentials Marthas Mailbox Wren House (SE545)
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An adorable nesting room that would surely attract a lot of your feathered friends.

Songbird Essentials Metal Portal Protector 1 1/8 in. (SE615)
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A metal portal protector that will fit bluebird houses with 1 1/8 inch entrance openings.

Songbird Essentials Purple Replacement Blossoms for Dr. JB Hummingbird Feeders (pack of 5) (SE6003)
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A lovely purple colored replacement flowers for your 16-ounce Dr. JB hummingbird feeder's port.

Songbird Essentials Recycled Woodpecker Feeder (SERUBWPF100)
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Gives an easy access to the woodpeckers to feast on their suet or seed cakes.