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Songbird Essentials

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Songbird Essentials Green Mini Hanging Bird Bath (SE504)
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A beautiful bird bath that can be used by a variety of wild birds.

Songbird Essentials Hanging Cable For Bird Feeders and Plants 18 in. (SE8018)
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Perfectly designed hanging cable to protect tree limbs while modeling your bird feeders, plants and other garden arts as well.

Songbird Essentials Hunter Ivory Recycled Plastic Wren Bird House (SERUBWH105)
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A sturdy type of nesting sanctuary which warmly welcomes your little feathered friends.

Songbird Essentials Marthas Mailbox Wren House (SE545)
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An adorable nesting room that would surely attract a lot of your feathered friends.

Songbird Essentials Metal Portal Protector 1 1/8 in. (SE615)
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A metal portal protector that will fit bluebird houses with 1 1/8 inch entrance openings.

Songbird Essentials Mini Clay Tray Garden Bird Bath (SE573)
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A decorative water sanctuary for your feathered friends.

Songbird Essentials Nesting Material Refill (SEWF91008R)
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A refill for your nests that is composed of cotton, feathers, string, hemp and aspen fiber.

Songbird Essentials Purple Replacement Blossoms for Dr. JB Hummingbird Feeders (pack of 5) (SE6003)
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A lovely purple colored replacement flowers for your 16-ounce Dr. JB hummingbird feeder's port.

Songbird Essentials Recycled Woodpecker Feeder (SERUBWPF100)
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Gives an easy access to the woodpeckers to feast on their suet or seed cakes.

Songbird Essentials Red Spiral Sunflower Seed Bird Feeder 17 in. (SEBQSBF3R)
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A red-colored sunflower seed feeder that highlights a spiral perch to accommodate multiple birds at a time.

Songbird Essentials Replacement Green Pan for SE501 Bird Bath (SE503)
Out of Stock
Replaces the pan from SE501 bird bath in case of loss or damage.

Songbird Essentials Single Jelly Cup Bird Feeder 6 oz. (SEHHJLSC)
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It is a bright and clear glass cup nestled in a dainty copper nest.

Songbird Essentials Small A Leg Ground Bird Feeder (SESC1012C)
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A durable feeder that can be put any place in your back yard.

Songbird Essentials Suet Bird Feeder with Tail Prop (SERUBSF100H)
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A recycled plastic feeder perfect for any open area and great for a wide variety of birds.

Songbird Essentials Super Post For Bird Feeders 5 ft. (SE551)
Out of Stock
A withstanding pole that measures 3.5 inch square and stands 5 ft tall.

Songbird Essentials Trailer Bird House (SE3880192)
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A great addition to your bird houses and a delight to see on your open area.

Songbird Essentials Upside Down Suet Log Bird Feeder (SESCS407)
Out of Stock
A great and convenient way of feeding the birds that visit your yard everyday.

Songbird Essentials Whimsy Tweeter Totter Bird Feeder (SEHHWHTT)
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A see-saw like Hummingbird feeder designed with 2 fascinating red glass bead dangles.

Songbird Essentials Window Bird Feeder (SESC1024C)
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An adorable feeder that strongly attaches outside your window.

Songbird Essentials Woodpecker Feeder (SESC1018C)
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A bird feeder that is specially made for woodpeckers.

Songbird Essentials Woodpecker Gord - O Bird House (SE3880092)
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An adorable bird house that is great to display while giving a proper nesting cavity for the birds.

Songbird Essentials Aluminum Scoop 38 oz. (SEFITFILL30212)
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Can be used for everyday needs.

Songbird Essentials Aluminum Scoop 58 oz. (SEFITFILL30216)
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Can be used for everyday needs.

Songbird Essentials Aluminum Seed Scoop 5 oz. (SEFITFILL30200)
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This scoop is an all around tool for all your garden and even household needs.