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Songbird Essentials

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Songbird Essentials Super Post For Bird Feeders 5 ft. (SE551)
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A withstanding pole that measures 3.5 inch square and stands 5 ft tall.

Songbird Essentials Super Window Glass Hanger 4 lb. (SE7026)
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A clear acrylic window hanger that is perfect to hold small and medium feeders.

Songbird Essentials Trailer Bird House (SE3880192)
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A great addition to your bird houses and a delight to see on your open area.

Songbird Essentials Upside Down Suet Log Bird Feeder (SESCS407)
Out of Stock
A great and convenient way of feeding the birds that visit your yard everyday.

Songbird Essentials Whimsy Tweeter Totter Bird Feeder (SEHHWHTT)
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A see-saw like Hummingbird feeder designed with 2 fascinating red glass bead dangles.

Songbird Essentials Window Bird Feeder (SESC1024C)
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An adorable feeder that strongly attaches outside your window.

Songbird Essentials Window Suction Cup Hanger (SE077)
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An all around hanger that can easily hold up to 5 lbs. of weight.

Songbird Essentials Woodpecker Feeder (SESC1018C)
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A bird feeder that is specially made for woodpeckers.

Dancing Sun Teahouse Bird Feeder 7 in. (SE4155)
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A bird feeder with images of ancient Native Americans tradition design.

Songbird Essentials Dr. JB All Red Clean Hummingbird Feeder 16 oz. (SE6002)
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A great feeder that helps in feeding hummingbird visitors with nectar all season long.

Songbird Essentials 2 Suet and A Seed Bird Feeder (SE565)
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A double-purpose feeder perfect for your seeds and suet.

Songbird Essentials Alpaca Bird Nest Material 3 oz. (SE907)
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Made of alpaca wool that would definitely attract a wider variety of birds than just cotton alone.

Songbird Essentials Aluminum Scoop 12 oz. (SEFITFILL30204)
Out of Stock
An aluminum scoop with 12-ounce seed capacity.

Songbird Essentials Aluminum Scoop 38 oz. (SEFITFILL30212)
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Can be used for everyday needs.

Songbird Essentials Aluminum Scoop 58 oz. (SEFITFILL30216)
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Can be used for everyday needs.

Songbird Essentials Aluminum Seed Scoop 5 oz. (SEFITFILL30200)
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This scoop is an all around tool for all your garden and even household needs.

Songbird Essentials Bass Bird House (SE3880055)
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Artistically designed to give your birds a durable and safe sanctuary to live with.

Songbird Essentials Best Hummer Brush Kit (SE607)
Out of Stock
A brush kit to help you maintain your hummingbird and tube feeders.

Songbird Essentials Best Long Brush 24 in. (SE603)
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A 24 inches brush that will help clean your bird feeders.

Songbird Essentials Best Port & Bee Guard Brush (SE606)
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A brush that is specially designed fit bee guards and ports.

Songbird Essentials Best Two In One Hummingbird and Feeder Brush 14 in. (SE605)
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This 14 in. brush is great to give to your friends or family that has hummingbird and other tube feeders.

Songbird Essentials Big Dipper Seed Scoop 2 qt. (SE602)
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Use it for your bird feed, gardening and other pet food.

Songbird Essentials Bird Bath Protector 8 oz. (SE7034)
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An all-natural formula intended to create fresh and clean water in your bird baths.

Songbird Essentials Bird Feeder / Bird House Cleaner 16 oz. (SE7031)
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An all-natural cleaner that is proven safe and effective to maintain your bird feeders and bird houses.