Southern Ag Dithane M-45

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Southern Ag Dithane M-45

Southern Ag Dithane M-45 is a broad spectrum fungicide labeled for use on ornamentals, some vegetables and turf. Many rose growers use Southern Ag Dithane M-45 to combat Black Spot. This product is also labeled for use in commercial production of some vegetable crops including melons, tomatoes, and squash.

Add a spreader sticker that is labeled for use on crops (like Hi-Yield Spreader Sticker) to the tank mixture for hard to wet plants like roses.

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08/07/2013 Mike from Garden Grove, Ca

QWill Southern Ag Dithane M-45 work on Peach Tree Leaf Curl?

ASouthern Ag Dithane M-45 is not labeled to be used on Peaches so we would not recommend using this product.  We carry a couple of products that are labeled for peach curl, Docket DF containing Chlorothalonil and Bonide Copper Liquid Fungicide which contains Copper Octanoate (Copper Soap).

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08/23/2013 Zowie from Western New York

QWill Southern Ag Dithane M-45 work for scab on grape vines?
I believe my grape vines are infected with sphaceloma scab. It hasn't been greater for a few years so i can see the symptoms on most part of the vine. Do I have to cut off all infected area or will this product cure sphaceloma scab and I won't have to cut off? Thank you

AThat is a great question.We recommend calling your Local Cooperative Extension office and speaking with the master gardener in your area for the best possible recommendation to treat Grape vines in your area.

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01/26/2013 Zuriel from Leesburg Fl

QCan you use Southern Ag Dithane for black eyes peas?

ASouthern Ag Dithane M-45 is not labeled to be used on on black eyed peas. Hi Yield Dusting Wettable Sulfur is labeled to be used on black eyed peas and may also fit your needs. We recommend reading the product label to be sure it is labeled to take care of the fungus you are having an issue with.

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08/03/2015 Denia from Moore

QIs Southern Ag Dithane M-45 safe for pets to be in the area after application?


Yes, Southern Ag Dithane M-45 is safe for pets when used as directed. Make sure to keep your pets out of the area until the product has had time to dry completely.

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05/05/2015 Larry from Blirsville, Ga

QWill Southern Ag Dithane M-45 be ok if left over from the previous year?

ASouthern Ag Dithane M-45 will be fine to use from the previous year if it has not been mixed and original container has been stored at room temperature.

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