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Spray Indicator XL gallon (128 oz)

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Spray Indicator XL

Spray Indicator XL marks where applicators have sprayed with a temporary and highly concentrated colorant. Using Spray Indicator XL will help to drive down your costs of chemical application by reducing skips and oversprays. Spray Indicator XL is temporary and will disappear quickly in dry or wet weather. Spray Indicator XL does not affect chemical efficacy and mixes easily with water soluble fertilizers and pesticides.

  • Accurately reveals where pesticide or fertilizer applications have been applied.
  • Readily indicates skips or overlaps of applications.
  • Cost effective for large volume applications required in IVM, DOT, and Right-of-Way sites.
  • Easy clean up - will not leave a permanent stainon skin.
  • Non-permanent colorant dissipates over time under sunlight, rain, irrigation.

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03/04/2014 Brian from Spring, Texas

QWhat is the shelf life for the Spray Indicator XL? What is the temperature range for storage?
I am a do it myself homeowner and have needed a product like this to help me see where i have sprayed. Do My Own Pest Control is a great company!

AThe Spray Indicator XL has a shelf life of 3-5 years as long as it is stored in cool dry place with a temperature range of 40-80 degrees fahrenheit.

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02/15/2014 Jason from Edmond, Ok

QWhat color is this Spray Indicator XL?

ASpray Indicator XL is a blue liquid dye.

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