Squirrel Baffles & Predator Guards

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Songbird Essentials Hanging Squirrel Baffle 12 in. (SESQ83)
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A heavy-duty baffler that keeps the squirrels and other predators from feeding off bird seeds.

Woodlink Clear Plastic Squirrel Baffle 16 in. (WLCLBAF16)
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A 16-inch clear plastic squirrel baffle.

ACHLA Designs Hanging Squirrel Deflector (BGD-03)
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ACHLA Designs Hanging Squirrel Deflector (BGD-03) is made of metal with a black powder-coat finish and has a conical form which is designed to give obstruction to squirrels.

Arundale Wrap Around Skirt Squirrel Baffle (AR364)
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Arundale Wrap Around Skirt is a simple yet highly effective squirrel guard to make sure your Sky Cafe will be protected anytime.

Droll Yankees Squirrel Guard Pole Mount Squirrel Baffle 15 in. (SQPM)
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Droll Yankees 15 in. Squirrel Guard Pole Mount is a squirrel guard with pole mount that will help you protect your seeds from squirrels.


Squirrel baffles are collars made of metal meant to go around the bird feeder pole or chain that can make it much more difficult for squirrels, rodents, and larger birds to gain access to your feeder. We sell squirrel baffle guards that can work for any type of bird feeder, making your feeder safe from non-bird animals and damage.

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Why You Need Squirrel Baffles

Squirrels will often use your bird feeders as their personal buffets, and are excellent climbers that can reach almost any feeder. When squirrels use your feeders, they can damage them by gnawing on openings and perches. They scare the birds away and deplete the food source. Larger prey birds and other rodents can also use your feeder as a way to get extra food. It’s important to guard your feeder and your birds from other prey – this is where squirrel baffles come in to play.

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