Monterey Stink Bug Spray

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Monterey Stink Bug Spray

Monterey Stinkbug Spray will provide quick knockdown and kill of stinkbugs and over 40 listed pests both indoors and outdoors. This product is an aerosol spray perfect for use in porches, patios, screens, window frames, and any other areas pests are found. Stinkbug spray uses permethrin as its active ingredient.

STINK BUG SPRAY contains a combination of ingredients that provides rapid knockdown and kill of listed insects. This highly effective water-based formula can be used on flying and garden insects, and outdoor plant, and ornamental pests.


Spray surface areas and contact as many insects as possible. Not for broadcast use on indoor residential surfaces.


All outdoor applications must be limited to spot or crack-and-crevice treatments only, except for the following permitted use: Applications to lawns, turf, and other vegetation. Do not water the treated area to the point of run-off. Do not make applications during rain.

Do not use on edible crops. Take precautions to avoid spraying when wind conditions could create a mist that may blow back to applicator. Do not apply this product in or around bodies of water.

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06/03/2013 L from Hardin, Tx

Qcan this product be safely used on tomatoes and other vegetables
Stink bugs are on my tomatoes

AThis product can not be used on any type of edible vegetation. We would recommend something like Fertilome Triple Acton Plus which will control insects as well as diseases and can be used on edibles up to day of harvest.

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09/27/2014 Bobby from Groveport

QDo you have to spray Stink Bug Spray directly on the stinkbugs or not ? Thank you very much

AStink Bug Spray can be sprayed right on Stink Bugs for a quick knockdown or along window frames and door frames.

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