Suet Feeders, Log Feeders & Cake Feeders

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Songbird Essentials Upside Down Suet Log Bird Feeder (SESCS407)
Out of Stock
A great and convenient way of feeding the birds that visit your yard everyday.

Birdola Products Small Cake Bird Feeder with Perches (54385)
Out of Stock
Birdola Products Small Cake Feeder with Perches is a small and simple wired feeder that is designed to fit Birdola's variety of junior seed cakes or any small suet cakes.

Natures Way Cedar Suet Tail Prop Bird Feeder (CWF1)
Out of Stock
A suet feeder that is made of premium cedar with tail prop design.

PineBush Click Top Suet Ball Bird Feeder 16 in. (30740)
Out of Stock
A heavy duty bird feeder that is squirrel and weather resistant.

PineBush Diamond Copper Hammertone Suet Bird Feeder (07502)
Out of Stock
A glamorous basket perfect for your suet or seed cake.

PineBush Wild Bird Suet Ball Feeder (30728)
Out of Stock
A premium suet feeder that holds 7 standard suet balls for your feathered friends.

Songbird Essentials Hunter Driftwood Woodpecker Feeder (SERUBWPF100HD)
Out of Stock
A great bird feeder that gives an easy access for all woodpeckers around any backyard or garden

Songbird Essentials Recycled Poly Yumbrella Bird Feeder 8 in. (SE528)
Out of Stock
A nature-friendly feeder that protects seeds and birds from different weather conditions.

Songbird Essentials Single Suet Bird Feeder (SESC1037C)
Out of Stock
A starling resistant feeder limited to Woodpeckers, Nuthatches, Chikadees and other upside down feeding birds.

Wildlife Sciences Butterfly Suet Bird Feeder (502)
Out of Stock
A beautiful feeder with butterfly design adds a pop of color to any outdoor area while attracting more birds to enjoy their favorite suet cakes


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