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Sugar Beet Crush Juiced
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Sugar Beet Crush Juiced is a deer attractant that contains real sugar beets in an easy to pour, liquid formula. It is made out of a gel mineral that can be poured over stumps or logs, right on the ground or be mixed with feed. This is easy to use - just find a deer trail and pour over the area and the minerals will quickly soak in and release an aroma that will last up to 3 weeks. The deer will be attracted to this mineral site and keep coming back. It is perfect for setting up in front of your trail camera.


Selecting a Site:
When selecting your site keep in mind that deer prefer to stay concealed. Look for an area inside a tree line or an area with good cover. You can select a site that is near a traveled deer path, but make sure it is at least 10 feet off the trail. Placing the Sugar Beet Crush Juiced just off the trail helps establish the trail as a great source for a snack and becomes a destination spot for all the deer in the surrounding area. If you can locate a site that is near water that is even better. As the Juiced product seeps into the soil or wood, deer will continue to frequent the site and you'll notice a wallow start showing. Let the power of the Juice help you be as successful as you can be every time you enter the woods. For best results remember to reapply Sugar Beet Crush Juiced every few weeks to keep the site fresh and the deer activity at its peak.

Choosing a Ground Site: When choosing to apply Sugar Beet Crush Juiced directly to the ground make sure to clear an area that is about 3 to 5 feet in diameter of all debris. Shake the contents thoroughly and slowly pour over the entire site. The soil will absorb the flavors and aroma of the Sugar Beet Crush Juiced and keep the deer coming back again and again.

Choosing a Stump or Log: When choosing to apply Sugar Beet Crush Juiced to a log or stump make sure that the wood is old, rotted or decaying. Using a soft stump or log allows all the flavor and scent of Sugar Beet Crush Juiced to soak into the wood producing a time release attraction site which the deer will frequent. Shake the contents thoroughly and slowly pour over the entire site.

Mixing with Feed: If you are mixing the Sugar Beet Crush Juiced with grain or corn, you can apply at a rate of about 1 quart per 25 lbs of feed. Juiced is a perfect additive to initiate a new site or to energize any old location. By adding Sugar Beet Crush Juiced to feed, you are introducing a new flavor that the deer can't resist.

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01/22/2015 Sean from N.e. Ohio

QCan Sugar Beet Crush Juiced be used for ice melting purposes, with the other needed ingredients

A Since Sugar Beet Crush Juiced is only labeled as a deer attractant we cannot say it will melt ice. We do sell Ice melting products such as Zero Ice

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11/15/2015 Steph from Nevada

QWhat are the active ingrediants of the Sugar Beet? Is it real sugar beet? Is it harmful to your skin?
I am curious if this is only for attracting deer and not killing deer? Is it harmful to the skin? Is it pure sugar beets?


Sugar Beet Crush Juiced†contains real pure Sugar Beets. It is not harmful to the skin or to deer. It is used to only attract deer.†Please let us know if you have any more questions!

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