Sugar Beet Crush Mix - 5lb

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Sugar Beet Crush Mix - 5lb bag (5 lb)

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Sugar Beet Crush Mix - 5lb

Sugar Beet Crush Mix - 5lb contains real Sugar Beets that are crushed and blended with freshly heated processed beans into an ultra concentrated formula. Deer will go crazy over real Sugar Beets and keep coming back to the site. It comes in an easy to carry pouch and is perfect to be used in front of game cameras. It will work all season long.


Selecting a site:

Ground Sites: Cut open bag and simply pour in thin strips that are 2-3 inches deep and 2-5 feet long in an area you would like to use for attracting/ feeding. Sugar Beet CRUSH can also be poured into a pile in your hunting area. As consumption increases, increase the amount poured each time.

Sugar Beet CRUSH can also be poured and/or sprinkled out to drastically enhance any food plot as a food plot topper - just be sure to place it where you want them to be! If Sugar Beet CRUSH gets wet, it will crust over but will still be effective, as game will hoof the product up similar to a mineral site.

Troughs/Feeders: To use Sugar Beet CRUSH in a trough, start by adding Sugar Beet CRUSH as an attractant/supplement and increase the amount to match their consumption. Sugar Beet CRUSH can be mixed with corn/grain mixes to increase the overall nutrition as well. Mix 5-10 lbs with up to 50 lbs of grain.

Sugar Beet CRUSH will work in most automatic feeders as a feed topper. Start by adding Sugar Beet CRUSH to corn, soybeans, protein, or other grains by carefully stirring together to avoid any clogging as products disperse. However, we recommend ground strips/piles or troughs for optimal results.

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