Lemon Fruit Fly Trap


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Lemon Fruit Fly Trap fruit fly trap

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Lemon Fruit Fly Trap

The Lemon Fruit Fly Trap is a lemon-shaped trap that’s specially designed to attract and catch Drosophila or commonly known as fruit flies. This ready to use mini dome trap contains a non-pesticide food attractant which is sealed in a polyethylene terephthalate reservoir. A hole that is large enough to allow insects to enter should be punctured in the center. Once they are lured inside, they will be trapped and drown in the attractant liquid because the size and position of the entrance will prevent them from escaping.

The Lemon Fruit Fly Trap can be used in sensitive areas of the house, restaurants, fruit markets, or places with food sources. You can place the trap on places where flies may be drawn to such as fruit bowls, food-waste bins, etc.


Carefully puncture a hole in the center of the moulded depression in the lemon with a ballpoint pen or similar implement; ensure that the hole is just large enough to allow the insects to enter (about 1/8 inch). Position the trap where pest problems are expected; the trap may hung vertically from the attachment hole or may be placed flat on its base.


The trap should be inspected regularly and replaced after 3 months or when the trap becomes full of dead insects. Once this happens, dispose of traps via standard disposal means. Trap positions should be altered so that the greatest concentration of traps is found in the area of highest insect activity.


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