Talon G Mini Pellet Place Packs - 300 x 25 gram packs


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Talon G Mini Pellet Place Packs - 300 x 25 gram packs case (2 pails x 150 x 25gm packs)

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Talon G Mini Pellet Place Packs - 300 x 25 gram packs

Talon-G is scientifically proven to deliver the fastest knockdown for rats and mice. This unique mini-pellet formulation is preferred by pest control professionals for its high acceptance, superior efficacy and broad use label. Talon-G only requires a low dosage of the anticoagulant brodificoum, which often eliminates the common problem of bait shyness.

For Control of Commensal Rats and House Mice. As a Second-Generation Anticoagulant it kills Warfarin-Resistant Norway Rats and House Mice. Norway rats and house mice may consume a lethal dose in one night’s feeding with first dead rodents appearing four or five days after feeding begins.

Each order (case) comes with 2 pails containing 150 x 25 gram packs to a single pail. 2 pails comes in a case totaling 300 x 25 gram packs.

Talon G is a single-feed anticoagulant labeled for rodent control, including use against warfarin-resistant mice and rats. This pelletized formulation is registered for use in and around both urban and non-urban structures, including outdoor burrow baiting. Talon G is approved for the control of Norway rats, roof rats and house mice in a variety of locations. Determine areas where rats and/or mice will most likely find and consume bait. Remove as many other rodent food sources as possible. For the safety of others, Talon G should always be applied out of reach by children, domestic animals and non-target wildlife, or in tamper-resistant bait stations.


Replace contaminated or spoiled bait immediately. Collect and dispose of all dead rodents and leftover bait properly. To prevent reinfestation, limit sources of rodent food, water, and harborage as much as possible. Where a continuous source of infestation is present, maintain permanent bait stations and replenish with census or toxic bait as needed.

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    5 of 5 stars  Talon G Mini Pellet Place Packs
    By Mary in Markham, IL on 11/20/2011
    Verified Purchase

    I like it because it gets rid of the mouse & eats too. When I run out of this, I will order some more. I hate rats.

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  • 4 of 5 stars  Good stuff.
    By Thom in east NE on 02/03/2017

    I have an older home (built 1800s) and I am not a great housekeeper. Alone now and old. In addition to the granaries a few packs distributed in the basement and I have a whole lot less pest activity in just days. I will keep feeding and hopefully, soon, none will be left to eat... Ongoing fight.

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  • 5 of 5 stars  If it's broke why try to fix it....
    By Joshua in West monroe on 07/30/2017

    Very good product. Family Been using it over 30 years.

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Talon G Mini Pellet purchase
    By Patti in Queen Creek, AZ on 08/10/2017

    Purchased sellers 300 X 25 gram packs and was totally satisfied. Fast shipping. Would purchase from them again.

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02/05/2015 Randy from New Mexico

QIs it true that Talon actually decays the rodent body from inside out, thereby limiting the smell associated?
I was told that this product would minimize the dead mouse smell, does that have any truth to it?

AActually the fact that rodent poisons dry the animals up after dying is an old wives tale that has been passed around for years. There is only one bait that is relatively new to the market that due to its form of killing the rodent can somewhat make that claim for less smell as it dehydrates the rodents. That product is Rat X and works well in comparison to the other baits on the market in kill effectiveness. 

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02/24/2011 Martha

QMy dog may have ate some Talon-G. Will it hurt him?

AIf your dog ate a big enough dose of Talon G it will have a negative effect on him. You should contact your veterinarian immediately. We have linked the product label and the MSDS for Talon G. You should print both of these pages out and have them available for your veterinarian. You can also find both of these information sheets on the Talon G product page on our website.

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