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Tenacity Herbicide

Tenacity is a systemic pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicide for the selective contact and residual control of weeds in turfgrasses. When applied as a pre-emergent, weeds absorb Tenacity during emergence from the soil. Dry conditions following application may reduce the pre-emergence activity. If rainfall (0.15 inches) has not occurred within 10 days after a pre-emergence application, activate with 0.15 inches of irrigation. When used as a post-emergent, susceptible weeds absorb Tenacity through foliar contact and soil absorption. Foliage of treated weeds cease growth after application, then turn white (loss of chlorophyll) and death may take up to three weeks. A repeat application is required after two to three weeks for improved post-emergence weed control. A non-ionic surfactant should be added in post-emergence applications.

Active Ingredient: Mesotrione - 40%
Target pests: Barnyardgrass, Carpetweed, Chickweed, Clover, Crabgrass (large & smooth), Dandelion, Foxtail, Goosegrass, Henbit, Nutsedge, Purslane, Thistle, Wild Carrot and others
* See label for complete list
For use in: Kentucky Bluegrass, Centipedegrass, Buffalograss, Tall Fescue, Perennial Ryegrass, Fine Fescue, St. Augustine Grass
Application: 4 - 8 oz. per 30 gallons of water per acre
* Use a Surfactant to Increase Effectiveness
* See label for complete application instructions
Formulation: Professional Product
Group 27 Herbicide
Manufactured By: Syngenta

What makes Tenacity different than other currently used turf herbicides?

Tenacity is a selective, systemic herbicide that features a new mode of action for pre- and post-emergence grass and broadleaf weed control in several cool- and warm-season turf species—like keeping bentgrass out of your rough. Tenacity can also be applied on established or newly seeded turf.

How was Tenacity herbicide discovered?

A Syngenta scientist in California noticed that there were fewer weeds growing under his bottlebrush (Callistemon citrinus) plant, far fewer than can be explained by shading alone. He concluded that the plant must be producing allelochemicals to suppress weed competition. Syngenta synthesized mesotrione based on the allelochemicals produced by the bottlebrush plant.

What is the mode of action of Tenacity herbicide?

Tenacity inhibits a plant enzyme called HPPD that is essential to photosynthesis and prevents formation of carotenoids in susceptible plant species. Without carotenoids, light energy and by-products of photosynthesis will destroy chlorophyll and cell membranes. This results in bleaching of leaves followed by necrosis and death of the plant.

How quickly does Tenacity work?

Once absorbed, Tenacity quickly translocates throughout the plant. Weed growth is suppressed soon after application, as photosynthesis is disrupted. Death of the plant usually occurs within two to three weeks.

What are some of the unique benefits of Tenacity herbicide?

Tenacity has pre- and post-emergence activity on 46 dicot and monocot weed species. It can selectively control perennial monocots such as bentgrass and nimblewill and annuals such as crabgrass and goosegrass in many turfgrass species. Tenacity can be applied at the seeding to prevent weed germination and allow the turfgrass species to establish without weed competition.

Can Tenacity be used to get bentgrass out of roughs and fairways?

Yes. Tenacity selectively controls bentgrass out of Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and tall fescue turf.

What does it mean that Tenacity was granted reduced-risk status by the EPA? Why did Tenacity earn this status?

Reduced-risk is an EPA designated registration status that accelerates the process for registration of certain new plant protection products. Tenacity received reduced-risk status by the EPA based on its unique mode of action, low use rates, and favorable toxicity and human health profiles, as compared to other herbicides currently on the market.

On which grasses has Tenacity been tested for use at or prior to seeding?

Tenacity is safe for use at or prior to seeding on Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, perennial ryegrass, and centipedegrass. Application at seeding can be made to fine fescue only if it is less than 20% of a seed mixture.

Are there any grasses on which you can't use Tenacity?

Tenacity is not recommended for use on zoysiagrass, hybrid or common bermudagrass, seashore paspalum, or kikuyugrass.

Can Tenacity be tank mixed with other herbicides?

Tenacity can be tank mixed with Barricade, dicamba, carfentrazone, triclorpyr, atrazine, simazine, s-metolachlor, bentazon, and several three-way phenoxy herbicides. Combinations can help turf managers broaden the weed control spectrum or improve the level of weed control over single-product applications.

How rainfast is Tenacity?

Tenacity is rainfast within several hours under normal rainfall conditions.

What other brands currently on the market offer a product similar to Tenacity?

There are currently no other herbicides like Tenacity for golf courses and sod farms registered for use or sale in the U.S. Tenacity will compete with multiple products from different classes of chemistry.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • 67 of 71 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Tenacity Herbicide
    By Frank in Johnston, IA on 05/07/2012
    Verified Purchase

    I had a lot of weed grasses in my yard and they were invasive and spreading over the whole yard. Tenacity targets weed grasses and kills them while leaving the rest of the yard in tact and that is exactly what it did. All of my weeds are dying. One thing you must note is that this herbicide needs to be watered after it dries on the plant so that the plant takes it in. It will not work if you just spray it on and don't get rain or water it for a couple of weeks. It's pricy but I know of no other chemical that will kill weed grasses and leave what you want, alone.

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  • 46 of 46 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  A Miracle Herbicide!
    By Margaret in Scarsdale, NY on 08/14/2012
    Verified Purchase

    I had a lawn that was completely taken over by bentgrass. I used round up on the lawn and put in an entire new lawn. All was well for a year or two. Then the the bentgrass came back in a few isolated areas. I would have to round them up at the end of the season and reseed. This went on for a number of years. When I learned about Tenacity I was thrilled and gave it a try. It works wonderfully! Yes it is pricy, however it beats having to round up the bentgrass, clear it out, put down more top soil and reseed. Try it...you won't be disappointed.

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  • 31 of 35 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Great product! Does exactly what it advertises!
    By Debi in Toledo, Ohio on 09/07/2012

    My mom completely re-sodded front and back lawns and within 3 years it had been invaded by bentgrass. My new lawn was hydro-seeded 5 years ago in a new subdivision that used to be a golf course. Our methodology was to use Roundup in the fall (when the bent grass really seems to take off in growth) and then reseed the large killed off areas, hoping that the Roundup did a thorough job in killing the bentgrass. This becomes very tedious every year, not to mention the expense. We waited a few years for Tenacity to be available to the public and have both been having great results with the product. The good thing is that the remaining blades of good turf remain green in the kill zone. That gives me hope that I may not have to reseed, just wait for the good turf grass to fill in by itself. Our lawns are a combination kentucky blue and fescue blends. My only complaint is that the product is so concentrated and thick. The high concentration makes it even more critical to measure accurately! Not too crazy about the enclosed syringe measuring device. I feel it is too difficult to use and the potential to spill is high. I would love if there could be a more diluted Tenacity product to purchase for the average homeowner. That would make the product easier to measure, plus ensure a bit of wiggle room on the measurements?

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  • 31 of 32 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  No more Crabgrass!!
    By Rob in Greeley, Colorado on 08/23/2012
    Verified Purchase

    This product really works. It does take time, so be patient. I still have to apply the second application to finish off the Crabgrass!!! It won't take much, the plants are almost dead now after 2 weeks.

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  • 30 of 32 people found this review helpful:

    4 of 5 stars  Appears to be working!!!!!!!!!!!!
    By Del in Decatur, IL on 06/17/2012
    Verified Purchase

    I was skeptical about whether Tenacity could kill the Nimblewill in my lawn and still leave my Blue Grass and Fescue alone. It's been 2 weeks since the first application and it appears to have definitely wounded the Nimblewill. The second application was applied yesterday, so we'll see if it kills it or not. It's a "pricey" chemical, but is easy to use and hopefully effective. If it works it sure beats Roundup and reseeding.

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Most Recent Customer Reviews
  • 5 of 5 stars  Terrific Product
    By Dave in New Bern, NC on 07/23/2016

    My Centipede lawn in North Carolina had a lot of die-off over the cold and wet winter. Crabgrass filled in the bare spots. One treatment with Tenacity (and Dawn detergent as a surficant) and the crabgrass turned white - as advertised. I'll hit it again, which I'm sure will kill the crabgrass and allow my Centipede to overgrow the bare spots over the remaining summer weeks. Tenacity is expensive, but really works! A little goes a long way.

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  • 3 of 5 stars  FAIR
    By George in attleboro ma. on 07/22/2016

    the product is good in killing the purslane but it does kill some parts of the buffalo grass

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  • 1 of 1 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Works Great
    By Richard in SC on 07/07/2016

    Sprayed Tenacity on crabgrass and torpedo grass in centipede with very good results. After 4 days unwanted grass started turning white, 10 days later weeds were turning brown. If you have grassy weeds that cant'd be grubbed out of centipede this is the product you need.

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  • 4 of 5 stars  So Far the Tenacity Seems to be Working
    By Ab in Bloomington, IN on 06/23/2016

    I rated 4 star since I still have to followup with two treatments, but I wanted to share that some of the nimblewill is already turning white....losing its chlorophyll. Once I am 100% done and it works I would go to 5 stars, but don't know that yet. Some expensive, advise USE AS DIRECTED, but if does work, it is worth it! Do use in conjunction with the Non-Ionic Surfactant for Herbicides. You can buy that here too!

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Wipes out nimblewill
    By Mike in lebanon, mo on 05/09/2016

    I had nimblewill spreading across my yard at a rapid pace. Spot treating with Tenacity took care of the problem. It does take a while for it to work, so be patient. But it does work and won't kill other grasses!!! It destroys everything else you don't want in your yard, too. Great stuff.

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Works but be aware of results
    By Rick in Chico, CA on 04/20/2016

    I've been using this on my maintenance jobs and it seems to be taking out Bent and other weed grasses. But be aware that you might kill more than you expected. I found that some of my lawns were over half bent grass and now I have some pretty damaged looking lawns. May have to reseed. It turns the dying plants a brilliant white color so may be a little shocking to customers.

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  • 1 of 1 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Must have For residential Centepede
    By Shkhrp in Columbia, SC on 02/07/2016

    Works like a charm. If applied according to the label, it goes a long way. The syringe measure that comes with the bottle is bulky and wasteful (good for company who makes and sells the herbicide, bad for the paying consumer). Invest in a cheap single pan balance (mine cost $15 from Amazon. 0.01 gm accuracy) and weigh the herbicide. It is easy and assures exact amount/s. Colorant is also a must. Highly recommended. Will definitely buy again.

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Tenacity
    By Don in Redmond on 12/03/2015

    Worked beautifully to remove all forms of weed grass including bent grass and poa trivialis. Now I only have Rye grass left and the lawn is so beautiful people have asked if I just laid new turf! Would recommend this hands down, just be patient, it doesn't kill overnight and you do need to remove the dead weed grasses afterwards. Best to rake out the dead weed grasses once it has thoroughly killed them off before reseeding. The syringe is the only problem with the product, it binds up immediately. Toss it and measure out the liquid with a measuring spoon instead.

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  • 5 of 6 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Death of Nimblewill grass
    By David in Exton, Pa. on 10/02/2015

    It took a while, but the grass and other weeds are all white/dying. I used three teaspoons of "Dawn Ultra" & one teaspoon of Tenacity to two gallons of water, per a study by Ohio State University.

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  • 4 of 4 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Tenacity - great against crabgrass
    By M in Midlothian on 09/26/2015

    Crabgrass was rampant in my backyard. Sprayed once using a tank sprayer and surfactant as directed and virtually all of the crabgrass is now dead. Great product! Also appears to be working on what I call "wire grass", not sure of the technical name but it's weedy and grows low and wide like a rope or wire.

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Most Helpful Q&A's

10/11/2011 Mary from Marshfield, Wi

QDo I need to keep the dogs away from the area where I have applied Tenacity?

AYou should keep the dogs off of the area while you are applying Tenacity and until the area has had a chance to dry, about 2-4 hours.

48 of 53 people found this answer helpful.
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03/08/2012 Scott from Grosse Ile Michigan

QAfter applying Tenacity and surfactant how long do you have to wait to seed or sod?

AAccording to the Tenacity product label "Apply Tenacity at 5-8 fl. oz. per acre in at least 30 gallons of water per acre prior to seeding or post seeding of tolerant turfgrass species listed on this label, except fine fescue. Tenacity may reduce density of fine fescue seedings. Tenacity can be used on grass seed blends that contain less than 20% by weight of hard or fine fescue. Tenacity will control many monocot and dicot weeds that compete with and slow the establishment of the turfgrass stands. Apply at grass seeding or close to seeding for best performance. Avoid spraying on newly germinated turfgrass plants. Wait until the newly germinated turf has been mowed two times or four weeks after emergence (whichever is longer) before making a postemergence application." If you need more specific information on a turfgrass not mentioned on the product label you can reach the manufacturer at 866-796-4368.

26 of 36 people found this answer helpful.
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03/10/2014 Thomas from Cut Off, La.

QWhat is the shelf life of Tenacity?

AThe shelf life on most liquid herbicides all depends on how they are stored. If the product has been tightly sealed and kept out of sunlight and extreme temperatures, the shelf life is 3-5 years.

24 of 24 people found this answer helpful.
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04/21/2015 Wayne

QHow soon can I mow my lawn after an application of Tenacity?


You can mow your lawn 2 days before application of†Tenacity Herbicide and 2-3 days after application.†

22 of 23 people found this answer helpful.
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07/20/2015 Lori from Keokuk, Ia

QAfter spraying Tenacity Herbicide, when the weeds turn white, do you pull them or just reseed?
I was told I had nimblewill in my yard. It was a large portion with green blades and brown plus some other weeds. I purchased tenacity from you and applied it. The areas that were brown and green haven't turned white but the are scattered portions of other weeds that have. Does that mean anything? Also, am I supposed to pull them after they turn white and reseed?


After spraying with Tenacity Herbicide, the foliage of treated weeds cease growth after application, then turn white (loss of chlorophyll), and death may take up to three weeks. A repeat application is required after two to three weeks for improved postemergence weed control. We would not recommend pulling up any weeds because the product will not get into the root system, and the weeds may come back at that point.

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Most Recent Customer Questions

06/16/2016 Dale from Crete, Ne

QIf it is 70 degrees in the morning and will get up to 95 in the afternoon, can I still apply Tenacity Herbicide?
I noticed a question about temperature and application of Tenacity, you stated it can be applied up to 80 degrees. Is that during application?


When mentioning†Tenacity Herbicide†and temperature, we are referring to the temperature at time of application. If it gets above 70 degrees after your application has dried, that is okay.†

3 of 3 people found this answer helpful.
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06/07/2016 Tommy from Richmond, Va

QWhat do I do if it rains on recently applied Tenacity Herbicide?
I applied Tenacity to my yard in Richmond, VA. Shortly afterwards, a quick thunderstorm and shower hit the area. Do I reapply immediately assuming it did not dry properly, or do I wait the 2-3 weeks and apply again? Also, I have a nutsedge infestation. I got Tenacity for that specific purpose. Sedgehammer was mentioned as a better solution, but I was also told to that I would not be able to aerate and overseed in the fall if I used it. Is this true? Thanks.


If it rained less than 4 hours after applying Tenacity Herbicide, you will need to reapply, but wait until the area has dried. Tenacity Herbicide is labeled for Yellow Nutsedge so it should work if that's what you have, just make sure to follow the label instructions. Sedgehammer Herbicide is definitely a great solution for nutsedge. According to the label you may overseed with annual or perennial ryegrass or bermudagrass, 2 weeks after application. All other seeding can be done 4 weeks after application. If you plan to aerate, you can do it 3-4 weeks after application as well to avoid stressing your grass.

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05/15/2016 Dan from Randolph, Mn

QDoes Tenacity work on quack grass?


Tenacity is not labeled for quackgrass elimination. We do carry a similar product called Certainty that is a selective, post-emergent that is labeled to eradicate quackgrass. Please refer to the product label for full mixing and application for the best results.

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03/15/2016 Joan from Cedar Rapids, Ia

QIs Tenacity safe for use in apple orchards in early spring?
I have nimblewill weed in my orchard and would like to eliminate it


Tenacity is not labeled for use around anything edible so we cannot recommend it be used in an orchard. †We apologize but we do not currently have a product labeled for control of nimblewill in orchards. †However, you can click here and contact your local cooperative extension office to speak with a Master Gardner to find the name of a product†and then contact us to see if we have access to that product.

1 of 2 people found this answer helpful.
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01/10/2016 Th from Orlando, Fl

QCan Tenacity be used safety on a bahia lawn to kill nimble weed ?


Tenacity is not labeled to be used on bahiagrass. †The most effective product to control Nimblewill pre-emergently has been removed from the market (MSMA). We have had a lot of folks report that Dimension does a pretty good job pre-emergently but since the product is not technically labeled for Nimblewill we cannot legally recommend it for this use. The usual recommendation since the ban of MSMA is to use a non-selective product such as Round Up on the weed, wait 14 days and re-seed or sod the area.

0 of 1 people found this answer helpful.
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11/25/2015 Wade from Dade City, Fl

QIs my St. Augustine grass going to die where it has turned white after applying Tenacity Herbicide?
I mixed as per label, using the included syringe, and used a surfactant. Spot applied to trouble areas of the lawn. Now you can see everywhere that I sprayed it. My St. Augustine is white. But the white grass keeps growing and needs to be mowed. It has now been 3 weeks since application. For obvious reasons, I did not make the second application.


Tenacity Herbicide does cause whitening of plants since its mode of action is to prohibit chlorophyll production in target plants. Many users have had whitening on the lawn after applications, but the grass usually does recover after 3-4 weeks. The product label specifies that Tenacity be used at lower rates for St. Augustinegrass, and only on established sod St. Augustine;†St. Augustine lawns started from seed may have more sensitivity Tenacity. If the grass is still growing and needing to be mowed, then it will usually recover. You may want to wait several weeks to be sure future applications will not permanently damage your turf. Also, be careful so that†your application is even and not overlapping, and that you are using a surfactant when making your application. You may also want to consider adding a turf marker such as Turf Mark Blue to prevent over-application.

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11/21/2015 John from Great Neck, Ny

QHow low can the temperature be for Tenacity application to be effective?


Tenacity will be most effective when temperatures†are around 55 degrees. A†non-ionic surfactant should be added in post-emergence applications.

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10/27/2015 John from Great Neck, Ny

QWhat are the application instructions for Tenacity on fine fescue turf?
My lawn is fine fescue, and I overseed every spring and sometimes in fall. The label states not to use Tenacity at the same time as seeding fine fescue. Thus, what would be the best strategy to use Tenacity on my lawn for pre and post-emergent purpose? Should I look for an alternative product?


Per the Tenacity label, you will not exceed 5 fl. oz. of product per acre for fine fescue. This is just the max amount that should be used per year and per acre. The rate that should be used is you will need to mix 0.5 tsp of Tenacity and 1.5 tsp of surfactant to one gallon of water covering 1,000 sq ft. Also, Tenacity should NOT be applied at the time you are putting down new seeds or overseeding. This will likely inhibit their growth. You will want to wait until the lawn has been established before applying this product for pre-emergent control. This is generally after three mowings. There are no restrictions for Tenacity with regards to post-emergent control of weeds.

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10/25/2015 Joe from Omoha

QCan Tenacity be used without a surfactant?


Tenacity should be applied with a non-ionic surfactant to achieve the best results. Please refer to the product label instructions for details on mixing and application.

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10/25/2015 Douglas from Winter Haven, Fl

QWhat is the amount of Tenacity per gallon for application on a St. Augustine lawn per 1,000 sq ft?
The label only discusses per acre application. How do you break that down per gallon in a sprayer or per 1000 sq ft application? I am using a 4 gallon backpack sprayer.


According to the Tenacity product label for smaller applications, you will need to mix 0.5 tsp of Tenacity and 1.5 tsp of surfactant to one gallon of water covering 1,000 sq ft.

4 of 5 people found this answer helpful.
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