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Termidor DRY - Starter Kit starter kit $259.95
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Termidor DRY - Starter Kit
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Termidor DRY Starter Kit comes complete with two 5-gram vials of Termidor DRY, and one Termidor DRY Applicator.

Termidor DRY is for spot treatments of active termite infestations and is not a substitute for a comprehensive termite protection program (see our Termite Control page).

Termidor DRY - Starter Kit contains these products:

Termidor DRY 2 x Termidor DRY
Termidor DRY Applicator 1 x Termidor DRY Applicator
Cost of separate parts: $342.84
Kit price: $259.95
You save $82.89!

Drywood Termites: Apply 0.1 - 1 g/injection point.

Subterranean Termites: For termite galleries and shelter tubes apply 0.1 - 1 g/injection point. For applications into carton and nests apply 0.3 - 3 g/injection point. For applications into voids apply 0.2 - 2 g/injection point.

Reapplication Interval: This product may be applied to previously treated sites if termite activity is found 30 days after previous application.

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    5 of 5 stars  A Simple Solution
    By Sunny in Sunnyvale, California on 09/11/2013
    Verified Purchase

    Termidor Dry is easy to use. Drill holes in the galleries and puff the powder into the holes. It's that simple. Frass quantity reduces dramatically within 2 weeks. It is odorless and there is no mess. No seeping or staining. The starter kit comes with enough product to treat several infestations so you can treat other areas in your neighborhood. I love this product.

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    5 of 5 stars  Better treatment than many so-called professionals
    By Woody in Gulf Coast on 06/28/2016

    I wound up at DMOPC because our historical loft building has had severe swarming termites this year. We used national extermination services as well as recommended locals. Both came out, used a can of Termidor foam and were gone in 20 minutes. One charged us $500 for less than one can of Termidor and a quarter hour inside at window sills. I bought this kit and a couple extra vials of the dry. On my first try in the worst unit, the owners reported "a killing field" the next day. I have since done two others and the termites have not been seen at the trouble spots again. We will continue to use our national service contract for liability reasons but I am here today to buy more vials of Termidor DRY. It is extremely easy and clean to apply, no odor or residue left behind...and it sure seems to work. If you can find a good exterminator, by all means use them. If you get someone who seems to take only a superficial approach, I highly recommend this kit. You will absolutely not do worse and you will very likely help to control them in addition to other whole house treatment you may do.

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  • 0 of 1 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Termido DRY - Starter Kit
    By Bc in Treasure Island, Florida on 07/29/2016

    We received our order promptly. Very easy to use. Will have to wait to see the future results.

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04/21/2014 Jimmy from Broken Arrow

QHow long will Termidor DRY continue to work?

ATermidor DRY may be reapplied if termites are still active 30 days after treatment to that area.

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03/21/2015 Toru from Berkeley, California

QCan any homeowner use Termidor DRY - Starter Kit?

AA homeowner can use  Termidor DRY - Starter Kit as long as it is not restricted to the homeowners state. 

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05/06/2016 John

QHow big of a hole do you need to drill when using Termidor Dry, and how many holes per window opening?


When applying Termidor Dry, the openings should be approximately every 24" or into each void.†The tip of the Termidor Dry is only about 1/8 of an inch in size and the hole the product comes out of on the tip is even smaller. However, no matter how small the tip is you must drill into the holes to ensure the product penetrates into the galleries for full treatment reach. Large holes are not necessary but using a small drill bit for a pilot hole would be needed.†

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08/17/2013 Clifford from Pulaski, Tennessee

QTermidor starter kit. Drilling holes in mud tunnels. Which tip to use? Do I plug the hole after injection?

AYou will want to use  the smaller plastic tip to inject in small areas. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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10/27/2016 J from Magnolia Springs, Al

QDo you have powder Termidor?


We have Termidor DRY but you will need an applicator to apply it. Termidor DRY - Starter Kit comes with two 5-gram vials of Termidor DRY, and one†Termidor DRY Applicator. Other Termidor concentrate formulations besides Termidor SC in the 20 ounce bottle are only available for purchase by licensed Pest Control Operators.

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08/05/2013 Clifford from Pulaski, Tennessee

QDoes the Termidor DRY - Starter Kit include the BASF application DVD? If not, how can I get the DVD?

AThe Termidor Dry - Starter Kit does not include a DVD but BASF does have a video right on their website showing the application of this product.  You can view it here.

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06/29/2014 Bob from California

QHow long will a Termidor Dry application remain effective in a wall void?
Essentially, Im looking at the life of the APPLIED product in a wall void (at what point will it loose its effectiveness.) Thanks

APer product label: Termidor DRY may bve reapplied 30 days after application, if Termites are still present.

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09/15/2014 Bill from Fl Hollwood

QCan you see the Termidor Dry come out of the tip?
I purchased this from you and when I squeeze the ball, I see nothing coming out the end. Is this correct?

AIt is very hard to see Termidor Dry coming out of the tip. You will drill the holes, place the tip inside of it, squeeze the ball and go to the next hole. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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05/15/2015 Janet from Ca

QWhat type of gloves need to be used with Termidor?

AYou need to use chemical resistant gloves like Nitrile gloves when using Termidor.

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