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Terracyte Pro T&O

The TerraCyte PRO T&O is an enhanced wettable powder that is formulated with patented activated peroxygen chemistry. TerraCyte quickly eliminates pathogens and their spores, helping greenhouse and nursery growers maintain healthy plants. The advanced solution was designed to be easily mixed into a liquid for spray applications and can be applied curatively or preventively on all types of plants and grasses. Product is perfect against algae, artillery fungus, liverworts, mosses, and many more.

Always read and follow directions before use.

TerraCytePRO Broad Spectrum Algaecide/Fungicide has been found to eradicate liverwort inoculums on contact, proving to be an effective treatment option. Liverwort is a weed that competes for water and nutrients with the actual crop creating a significant problem for container production. Heavy infestations of liverwort can result in significant runoff of applied irrigation water, including fertilizers and pesticide. Water soaks the substrate resulting in wastage of applied materials and increases environmental pollution from surface runoff. Researchers from the University of Maryland evaluated BioSafe Systems’ TerraCytePRO efficacy against liverwort control on Littleleaf Boxwood. Results found that TerraCytePRO granular reduced the percent of liverwort in the containers receiving 2 x (times) the treatment by 94%. Results also showed on the second day of the second application, TerraCytePRO liquid significantly reduced liverwort cover by 81%. Overall there was no significant change in plant height and no phytotoxicity was observed on treated plants.TerraCytePRO is an enhanced wettable powder formulated with BioSafe Systems’ patented activated peroxygen chemistry that eliminates liverwort and their spores quickly, helping greenhouse and nursery growers maintain healthy plants. TerraCytePRO was designed to be easily mixed into a liquid for spray applications and can be applied curatively or preventatively on all types of plants.

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05/28/2015 Bill from Burbank, Ca

QI have slime mold recurring on artificial turf. Is Terracyte Pro T&O good for that?

ATerracyte Pro T&O is labeled for the prevention and control of algae, fungi, moss, slime molds and their spores on artificial turf. However, slime mold is a broad term describing some organisms that use spores to reproduce. 

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10/24/2015 Rob from Charlotte, Nc

QCan I seed my lawn after using Terracyte Pro T&O?


Yes, you may seed your lawn following an application of Terracyte PRO T&O.

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