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"My product has not yet arrived (I will definitely leave a separate review for that). But my testimonial is on the excellent customer service over the phone to get an order filled and shipped to arrive the next day. G.G. was patient, informative, and kind in helping me get what I hope will "clear the air" after the intrusion and death of some of God's small (and smelly) creatures. A+ rating for G.G. and phone service and I recommend them as a place to shop! God bless :)"



"My mom visited while living in GA and saw a "roach", so she bought about everything you supply for household roach control. We moved to Texas and I still had most of the products, I noticed we had a problem in the kitchen area so I used it in our new house. It is super easy to use, worked immediately. The only time I see a roach is when application needs to be re-applied, but to date have never had a real problem with indoor pests. I will continue to use your products now and in the future"

South Texas


"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with this distributor! I've ordered various pieces of equipment and pesticides. They email a receipt as soon as you order it and then one with the actual shipment. The one time I called customer service the gal that answered was not only polite and professional but resolved my issue with ease, sending me a return shipping label so I wouldn't have to pay to ship the item back.(they refunded me for the purchase) They also have an extensive assortment of products, whether you're a professional looking to pick a few things up or an at home DIY kind of person, they have something that will resolve your issue for a reasonable price. I highly recommend getting started with them."

Boise, ID


"Very serious and professional company. I have bought 3 times already in less that a month. Bye bye, Amazon!"



"My purchases have been complemented on by professional bug killers as what they would do in their own home instead of paying the thousands of dollars they would be billing themselves."