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"Exceptional customer service! I needed my order delivered within days due to a travel schedule. Spoke to a delightful young lady who informed me she would get the order filled and shipped as quickly as possible and she did just that. The complete order arrived in ample time to meet my schedule. It is a pleasure to do business with a company that puts its customer first."

Walpole, Mass


"Never thought I would pray about bugs and praise God for poison. exceeded my expectations. Bugs are gone, I am happy, and husband is amazed! I am definitely recommending DMOPC to others!"

St. Cloud, FL


"I am a single mom and with a set budget, I found the DoMyOwnPestControl website to be most helpful. The prices can't be beat & I loved the how-to video on spraying my own home. Please keep this up and continue to give detailed information/instructions for customers like me."

Houston, TX


"Ease of use with this website is awesome. I was able to immediately find what I needed and checkout was a snap! Thank you for making this shopping experience very easy."

Portland, OR


"Professional products at the best price that I could find anywhere. Do My Own Pest Control and save several hundred dollars a year along with treating what you want, when you want without someone going through your home or having to call someone every time you need an extra spot treated after their quarterly treatment even if it is at no extra charge!"

Palm Beach, FL