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"I am a fan of this site and this is the reason I am a returning customer. The reviews are helpful and the prices are reasonable and the product has very good results."

Yonkers, NY


"Good prices, great service makes me a very satisfied customer! I contacted customer service to ask about a product that I ended up purchasing at one third the cost at a local DIY pest control company! I am very happy I found this online store!"

Orlando, FL


"Great product, very fast delivery. I will definitely buy from this company again. Thank you!!"

Fraser, Michigan


"Again, Do My Own Pest Control met and exceeded expectations. Very satisfied customer, great products and very quick delivery. A very customer concerned company!!!"

Plantation, FL


"I have used several of your products over the past 2 years to treat for bag worms, clover mites, fleas, camel crickets, water bugs, spiders, and wasps. Results have been fast and they continue to work for months to keep my home pest free inside and out. I will Do My Own Pest Control from now on and continue to save my money."

Phoenix, AZ