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"I was living in a rental house when I suddenly started to notice little roaches in my bathroom, I spoke to a friend and he recommended you guys highly. I bought it and BAM!!! Not only did it get rid of the little ones I also found big ones up side down. Thank you Do My Own Pest Control. I would recommend you guys to anyone!"

Palm Coast, FL


"The FAQ was very helpful - reading comments and responses helped me see how I needed to treat a insect infested maple tree. I am telling everyone I know about Do My Own Pest Control and will purchase all my yard/garden items here!"

Littleton, CO


"Great company, fast delivery. I was nice to order on Monday and receive the same week, esp. considering the Holiday. I was able to use the product over the weekend. Great product, effective even when used sparingly. Thanks!"

Newton, NJ


"Purchasing is a breeze, products are superior, ships fast. I have recommend Do My Own Pest Control to all my friends. Believe me Minnesota is a proving ground for mosquito control products! Thanks!"

Gilbert, MN


"Information regarding product description, customer reviews, as well as Q&A with professional staff was very helpful in determining which product was best for my needs. The price was also very competitive. I even like how they combined my order even though I ordered the sprayer separate from the Talstar a day later."

Akron, OH