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"I am a repeat customer. have been extremely satisfied with products and service in the past. will always be a loyal customer. You guys ROCK:)"

Wellington, FL


"I hired a exterminator to do this job last year. I asked what product he used. Now I can do it myself and save a bunch of money and I don't have to wait on anybody. Thanks!!"

The Woodlands, TX


"This company delivers their product faster than any other company! Both my orders arrived 2 days after I ordered on-line which is very helpful when you're fighting pantry moths. And, the Pheronet traps start catching male moths as soon as you pull off the protective strip. DoMyOwnPestControl receives highest ratings in my book."

Hiram, GA


"This one purchase will save my over $350 a year from a pest control company. They told me they use this same product every they treat my home. Why pay more for someone else to take care of MY home and family. I can do it my self and save money. Thank you for your treatment video and helpful instructions."

Pasadena, CA


"Items were in-stock, shipped promptly, arrived on time, and were exactly what I ordered. I never had to deal with the company after clicking on 'submit order'. They sent a series of e-Mails through-out the interval, confirming the purchase, monitoring the shipping, etc. Whats not to like? I cannot imagine a better on-line shopping experience. The less I know about 'customer service' the better they did their job in the first place."

El Sobrante, CA