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"My dogs have been suffering from fleas for two years now, we have tried everything, including several popular between the shoulder bladeŁ treatments. Nothing works.... Two days ago my Conquer and Archer arrived. I sprayed the yard and the inside of the house and bathed all 3 dogs with a flea shampoo. After Day 1Ł I thought I noticed a difference but chalked it up to being hopeful. Now in Day 2 I can say there is a definite improvement. My dogs have almost completely stopped scratching and are able to sleep at night. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this continues and will post follow-up's...."

Waycross, GA


"Thanks for the easy check-out and very detailed descriptions of your products. The customer review and testimonial sections are very helpful in making a decision on which products to buy. Will strongly recommend!"

Bassatt, CA


"Great site where I can find products not available to consumers in my area. Also prices are extremely competitive--especially with free shipping. Great search ability as well."

Edmond, OK


"I am a repeat customer. have been extremely satisfied with products and service in the past. will always be a loyal customer. You guys ROCK:)"

Wellington, FL


"I hired a exterminator to do this job last year. I asked what product he used. Now I can do it myself and save a bunch of money and I don't have to wait on anybody. Thanks!!"

The Woodlands, TX