DoMyOwn has helped hundreds of thousands of customers solve their pest control problems like pros. Here are just a few of their testimonials...

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"So glad I found this website! TONS of information and guided assistance to the right product. We have been battling spiders in our lawn and on our eaves of the house. We have to knock down webs before we can even use the front door. We are finally excited we have found a product that everyone says works!!"

Lakeland, FL


"For years I knew my local pest control "experts" weren't doing anything. I suspect they used, at most, 10% of recommendation concentration of any sprays. Nothing ever really worked, but it cost me a fortune yearly at my home and business locations. No more! One treatment with OnSlaught... and nearly all of my issues have been taken care of."

Merrimack, New Hampshire


"This is my one stop shopping site for pest control and garden related requirements. I previously spent $50/month for poor pest control. That same $50 now protects be far better for a year. I even share my products experiences with neighbors to help them kill the bugs leaving my property."

Sandy Springs, OK


"They mean what they say! I have spent countless dollars at our local home improvement stores. It was all a waste of time and money...every one of them. No matter how hard we tried, we could not get rid of our dreaded roaches. I bought kit #2...that is all it took. Within a week we no longer see roaches...and I have not even used the spray yet!!!! Thank you so much for your fast service and giving a product that is worth our hard earned money!!! You are the best!!!"



"The best explanation of "Do it on my own" I learned everything easily, and ordered the order right away. I used the contact phone, and my question was replied right away. The prices are lower than in any local store.I am very pleased from the service and plan to buy in the future!"

Clifton, NJ