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"I was amazed at the total devastation of the insect population around my home. I've not seen one live bug in or near my home since I sprayed the area; my wife said she saw one dead bug near the back door."

Seminole, OK


"A great resource that I will use again. $10 less than what the same product cost at my local do it yourself pest control store and free shipping on the item I ordered. Ordered on Thursday and it arrived Monday. I used it Tuesday morning and came home after work to dead roaches all over. Couldn't be happier."

jacksonville, FL


"Your on line store is fantastic. The range of products you sell can not be found anywhere else. I will buy all of my supplies from Thanks for the great service."

Plant City, FL


"I could not be more happier then the service that I receive from this company. There is never a hassle and you get your products very fast. Being a Pest Control and Termite company owner, it is great to know that I can count on them to get my order to me very fast. Just wanted to say thank you."

Near Gulf Shores Alabama


"A great place to purchase effective pesticides. Good pricing, prompt reliable shipping, and availability of pesticides that can no longer be found at local home stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, etc. Consider me a returning customer"

Charleston, SC